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Almost out of time!

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Feels like Im almost out of time, I fly to England on Friday and Im so nervous! In a good way ;) The Bases arrived today and with a special model as well. Didnt mean too order him.. yet. Wanted him as a Hero for my Muawijhe army. Scarecrow from Arkham City. I havnt opened the package yet since I just came home from the cinema. But hw looks like one fine mini! ;)And here's something requested by Mr.Sanders aka Blue Shark. He wanted to see a picture of the brown I painted on my minis and the guns. I forgot the wash on the metal but I'll fix it in the morning. I love the brown on the guns, giving them an AK look. Again here I wanted some contrast from the camo to make it more interesting to look at. I think it looks great! ;)

The Book of Rapson

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"And so behold Mark son of Rapson did descend from the mountain, and in his hands he did hold a tome, and he showed the people the tome and the tome was good and the people they did listen to the word of Mark and the word was good, and the people rejoiced for they had been given Warzone. So sayith the Warzone scriptures."
-Questing Knight, 7:35 First edit of the Telford Warzone scriptures
Ah .. Just Wow! This book looks so good! Can´t wait too have it in my hands! I guess they will be within my reach this weekend and at the convention! 
Sunday can´t come soon enough! ;)


Corporation on Parade and Painting update

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Regarding display base sizes!16x24 is fine. It should read 8x12 UPTO 16x24 :) They are flexible with this ;) So all of you wondering its 8x12 UP TO 16x24 :)Hope that cleared your questionmarks :D

One use only!

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So these bad boys are almost ready! Went for the old school green bazooka! I wanted some contrast on them, dont want them looking too realistic its MC after all ;) Now its just a drybrush on the black and painting the lenses, the guns and ammobags/grenades in the belt.... And ofcourse bases! Ha almost ready... :D

Warzone - Update and whats to come!

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So first of here´s the B-Hood squads we havnt seen!
The Mortificators!
The Sacred Warriors
The Inquisitors!
And here are the Convension Exclusive models The Archangel and the new "the former Bauhausian Cybertronic Mirrorman Pieter Diamond will be a web exclusive model hopefully available in either normal or clear resin. He will also be available at Conventions." He is the upgraded squad commander for the Mirrormen.
And even more here are some pictures of the book and cards! (The book are sample pages before printing)
And here it is, Prodos Timeline! Imperial is not far away now!! I can feel the Young Guards beeing rendered now!
 Other news stated by Prodos is that The Crucifier are being resculpt since he was to thin and had a static pose which didnt look good for the mean killing machine he is! The other thing being resculpt is the Valkyries weapons cause the were "too fine" and redesigned.
So here you go, things are busy at Prodos now! Be seeing you guys at the convention for more sweet WZR!

The AVP FB-page

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So here´s what they have spoiled so far. 
This Predator looks mean as hell, been a long time since I played the old AVP PC games but hoping thats a speargun!
Infant Warriors
Possible box art. Yea I like it! Maybe not the Predators "Crane Style" but still, nice!
Last up is a nice size comparison!
Alright, who else is really excited for this!? :D


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This also went up on their FB!

AVP Render

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So AVP has joined Facebook and this was posted at their wall!

Convention Spotlight

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Corporations On Parade Event

Corporations on Parade is your chance to plan, collect, model and paint a WZR force, display it on a minimum sized display/terrain board measuring 8" x 12" (A4) up to 16" x 24" in size and show it off at the convention, everyone at the convention will have the chance to vote on which corporation on parade is best and an overall winner will be announced.

1. The corporation/faction force entered can be of any size from one squad up to and including multiple squads/vehicles/monsters.

2. Entries may include multiple corporations/factions in conflict on the display.

3. All figures/vehicles/monsters/terrain etc. entered on the displays must be fully painted and based.

4. Conversions entered must abide by the painting competition conversation rules.

This should be an interesting event to see what sort of things people can come up with to "Showcase" their chosen faction/corporation, we will be looking for creativity and theme on the day not just who has painted the best figures (that's for the painting competition) another chance for people to have fun and really experiment with hobby projects for WZR.
9 days to go. Cant wait!

Feeling a bit grey...

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So today its only one week left before I fly to England! Starting to feel lots of stress not being able to complete the WZR minis, I ordered bases for everyone just dont know when they will arrive. I also don´t know how to pack the minis for the flight... But hey it will work out! I´m really looking forward to this and to meet everyone in person!
And dont worry the minis will be ready for the convention!
I just feel grey today ;)

Mitch mark 2

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So here he is in ALL his glory (shoulderpadiness!)

Convention Update!

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So here are some exciting news about the Seal of Repulsion campaign at the convention! :D
Convention update : Just to clarify ONE of the events, the one day Seal Of Repulsion campaign: Drop in event, you need 500pts of CURRENT WZR models, so basically a starter set and some if you can squeeze it in, for this event figures do not have to be painted. You play as many games as you wish to play on the day on the allocated tables and then hand your results in to the Keeper of records. At the end of the day all results will be finalised to see which corporation/ faction has come out with the best % of results, THIS RESULT IS IMPORTANT as it will be affecting something interesting that will be happening next year  So get ready to RUMMMBLE in the Telford Warzones! Its all about Corporate/ Faction pride and having fun on that day !
Now this is something to really look forward too! ;)

Cavalry Has Arrived

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So the Airbourne Cavalry parachuted down here yesterday! Looks great! They really are my favourite Capitol unit! (So far)
Now my force is ready to go fight at the convention, 500 points exactly! Rob better watch out ;)

Mitch Hunter

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Last night I completed my first Capitol hero, so here comes some photos of my Mitch Hunter model! He turned out almost as I wanted him, the only thing I´m not too happy about is the hair. 
I really hate to paint skin and hair since I dont think it my strong side. But he looks good overall! What do you think?

Test Model

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So here´s a test model with the Colourscheme. What do you think?
The gun, granades etc will also be painted! ;)

Lazy Side

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So yea seems I've been on my lazy side, moving and being sick. So I missed this!

Quality matters, can't kill things with bad stuff!

Close ups!

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So I decided to take some Close ups before basecoating them, here are the best photos! Enjoy! Light Infantry Squad Leader! Martian Banshee Squad Leader! Free Marines LMG Specialist! Once you go black... Its time for the brushes!

Paint it Black!

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Now its time for the army to be basecoated, I'm going for black since the armor will be black and could be a good base for the urbancamo too.

Here's a pic of the infantry glued together.

Now I'm just waiting for the airbourne pack to arrive then I'm all set! ;)


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So yea I promised OffTheSprue to tell you guys (And him ofcource! ) about my Colourscheme! I been putting alot of thought about it and asking myself what Tactical Trainings I will use in my army.

Ranged Trainings

1 st "Bulls Eye" Battalion. I will try this, +2 in RS on all Troops and Support sounds very well.
But this training had little effect on my scheme, there are more interesting trainings ;)

21 st "Desert Fox" Battalion. This one I really like, all Troops and Support Squads gains the Camoflauge (2) rule!
So yea major spoiler now, they will have camouflage clothing. ;)

Close Combat Trainings

7th "Phantom Brigade" Battalion. Enemy models targeting friendly Troops and Support gains -2 RS. This will hopefully let my boys live a little longer! ;)
So what I took from this is Phantom and it turned into black armor!

Those are probably the Trainings I will try first, feels like "Safe" choices. And now to what you would like to know the colourscheme is.....

Urbancamo clothing with black armor and Im going for red lenses and glasses for the Infantry/Airbourne Cavalry.. I think it will look really great! ;)

Inside a shark!

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So you guys wanted to see how the sharks look inside, well here it is! ;)

You might want to greenstuff the nose just a little bit so you wont end up with a little crack! Otherwise it looks great together!


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Here's the convention exclusive model! Roberto ' The Bright ' Feltordo! Enjoy ;)

Assembling a Team!

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Third times the charm right? I've tried to write this two times today.. But here it is!

This weekend is full of activity! Today I'm (the whole family) moving to a new apartment! And on Sunday my little girl turns two years old!

Even with all the stress and panick packing I found time to glue together WZR Characters!

Mitch Hunter

He will be my Warlord in smaller games 500 - 600pts. In larger games he will be paired with either Bob or Drougan for a Doomtrooper pair.

Big Bob

This towering fellow will be my Warlord of choice since Im really a Ranged player. With him in charge Mitch and Drougan can pair up.


Now this guy cannot be used as a Warlord in Capitol since he's Imperial so he have to rely to his good relations to my Mitch to be able to see some fighting ;)

Q&A with Questing Knight Games

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So here´s some questions answered by Questing Knight Games (The store that will be having the Convention with Prodos).  Lets begin!

Q: What does Warzone mean for Questing Knigtht Games?

 A: Warzone Resurrection is a very important product for us on both a personal and business level, the product has a massive and proven pedigree. We see Warzone Resurrection as a product that will have massive development potential and will be able to provide gamers with a great gaming experience.


Q:. How has the resurrection of Warzone affected QKG? 

A: The sheer amount of excitement and enthusiasm has been so high in store it's been unbelievable, for us it will mean a big product investment of time and resources  that will give the product the support it deserves.


Q: How is the Warzone Convention planning going?

 A: The convention plan is going well, this is new ground for us and luckily we have a fantastic team at S.T.A.G.S. wargames club that is supporting us and Prodos in the organisation. we are facing new challenges such as making the convention as fan interactive a possible, the list of events we have so far such as the one day campaign , painting compitions, Mutant Chronicles RPG games  will make this convention a fantastic experience.


Q: Is this your first big event? 

 A: No this is not our first big event to do with Warzone, in the past we have done some really big games for Warzone and run some huge campaigns, our player base for Warzone Resurrection is big we have some 30+ players locally and this number is growing fast, all I can say at this time is "watch this space" we have plans for some massive games on 30ft long tables and  huge campaign!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE - Here´s an old article from Chronicles Era #2



Q: If the Convention is a success, will it be a yearly Convention?

 A:We would like it if Prodos would allow  us to do more conventions and yes I would like to see this become a yearly event tied into other events that we run so that we can help give the Warzone resurrection community great gaming experience's.


Q:  Do Prodos and QKG have plans for other gatherings like tournaments and other competitions?

 A: Good question, i can't say too much at this stage but can tell you that we have been working with Prodos on some ideas for tournaments next year and some more events. We hope that this convention allows us to show Prodos what we can do for them  and showcase this product, one thing i can say Prodos are one of the best companies QKG has ever worked with and we have i think a great working relationship.


Q:What other games are big at QKG? Im guessing you have a relation to WHFB, especially Bretonnia?

 A: Warhammer and 40K are of course big games here and we do also have a large "Historical" gaming following at our club, yep the Bretonnians are a very popular army!


Q: And finally, what Corporation/Legion/Faction is QKG hoping to see in Warzone Resurrections Second Wave?

 A: Personally i want to see the forces of  Muwhajie come to the gaming tables soon, but of course lots of people are waiting for the forces of Imperial to arrive that will cause a huge response here when imperial do come out and one we all are looking forward too.



Thank you very much for giving me your time to answer my questions, will be seeing you guys in November! ;)

Paul Unboxing!

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Here's my friend Paul's Unboxing video. Check it out!


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Seems I was wrong in a previous post, dont know if I was tired or just blind. I saw the the possibility that it could be, but thought since its a Prodos product it HAD to be Warzone. Its all clear what it is...
I admit it I was wrong! 
So what we will see from Prodos after the WZR is shipped and done is ofcourse Alien vs Predator! And Im really looking forward to spearguns and shouldercannons! I really hope Arnolds Predator movie character will atleast be a KS exclusive!
I will totally play this game if its like WZR, a small skirmish force game (Which would make sense) stuck in a spacestation and the marines fighting through the aliens to escape or something!
I say bring it on Prodos!

The Eagle Has Landed!

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The Warzone Ressurection models arrived! Almost everything came along, except the Airbourne Cavalry pack since it was some misunderstanding about the order but thats fixed now and the are on their way! 
So what do you say, should we have a look at the models? Okey lets do it!
Heroes of Capitol
 Mitch and Pride
Big Bob Watts
Troops of Capitol
The Light Infantry
 The Free Marines (Troops with Big Bob as Warlord)

Capitol Support
 Martian Banshees
Capitol Light Veichles
 Purple Sharks
Exclusive Models!
 Andrew Drougan Blood Beret Doomtrooper

I also have an unpacking picture of my gaming clubs packages ;) 
THE JOY!!!!!! :D

All of these minis are stunning and full of gorgeous details! Hope my skills with the brushes is enough to do them justice! I even have my colourscheme ready in my head, a lot of thought has been put down to get this colourscheme to work with the way I play. More about that tomorrow! 
My friend Ishi has also received his pledge get over there and look at his Bauhausers and Dark Legion forces. Do it here:
He also have an Unboxing video at his youtube page:

Coming soon!

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Jarek posted this picture moments ago! Any guesses? ;)

The new units in the book, what could they be? :O

It has arrived!

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So the first packages from Prodos has arrived! The bad news is that in working at the moment and wont come home until midnight!! :( But when I get home, there will be a new post with lots of pictures ;)

See you guys then!

OffTheSprue Airbourne

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So here they are OffTheSprues Airbourne Cavalry! ! They look so good! He's thinking about painting the lenses i Orange (Helghast style) Do or Dont!? I say DO IT!! ;)

Here's the video:

Speculations about Cyber Exclusive

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So I've been thinking and sharing some thougts on Facebook. Firstly I was Hoping for either Vince or Beach, but Mark stated the model will be on a 30mm base and not a Warlord/Lord model.

At the forum where it was posted there were a Armylist with the following text:

Public Safety Team- 741 points
Warlord: Dr Diana Commander

Troops: Chasseurs, SSW5500 Rocket Launcher, PR4000 Plasma Rifle, Optical Enhancement, Weapon Cyber-Link

Troops: Chasseurs, PR4000 Plasma Rifle, Steel Skin, Mitochondrial Infusion

Support: Curiassers, +1 member, Femoral Enhancement

Support: Mirrormen, CSA404 swords, Compubrain

This is the highly-visible face of the Corporation, designed to show them off as a force for public protection and good. Hooray for Cybercurity! Dr Diana in charge and Chasseurs provide the human face, and the Mirrormen were always glory hounds. The Curiassers are there to show off Cyber's power and capabilities.

And the reply from Prodos was:
" I really like the 'Public Safety Team' idea and you really have chosen the best units to be the face of the 5th Corporations armed forces. I suspect you may need to add to this force very soon when the web exclusive model is announced!!!"

So then I started thinking about the other Exclusive model, the Archangel (Both models will be available at the Conventions and the "Secret Cyber" will also appear on the Webstore) will be included mission cards (It will also include its own cards for the resource deck), so why wouldnt this one include that to?

But back to the thoughts about the "Secret Cyber " since it is the Face of Cybertronic army list and they want to show the people their good side, protecting the people and upholding laws.
Why not enlist someones neighbour, your brother or your dad? Why not call in the people's volunteer?

What do you think guys? Am I dead wrong or could I actually be right?

Henry Thomas Video

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OffTheSprue put upp a 360 video of his painted Henry Thomas model ;) Looks really nice, modern and gritty, the couloring feels real and were hoping to see his Airbourne unit today as well! 

Web Exclusive model!

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Prodos stated earlier today that a Web Exclusive model for Cybertronic will be available very soon!
Any thoughts about what Model it will be? Im hoping for either Vince Diamond or Beach
Whats your guess? 
The thread can be found here:

Max Steiner Video

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New Necromutant look!

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So a guy published this pic to his wall on Facebook and its the new more awesome look of the Necromutant squad. 
These guys look much cooler and more detailed than the ones we had seen before.
I dont know but the two in the middle looks Bigger and Bossier than the other five, so my guess is that they are the Necromutant leaders "upgrade" for your Undead Legionnaires. Thankfully they atleast kept a mohawk head for the Necromutans. Their armour looks really crude and vicious, really nice details!
This is actually my new favourite DL unit! Might have to buy one and paint in Muawijhe colours, for future use in my Master of Madness army :D


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I really hate to paint backpacks.

When you think the entire model is done and its time for basing you (atleast I) always realise they backpacks laying in a corner barely basecoated.

The last backpacks I will paint for my IW before the WZR models arrive and will be prio 1!

The Chosen IW backpacks

The amount of detail on these backpacks is really nice just like the entire models! Overall they are my favourite GW models by far.

Hopefully they will be ready today.

Tournament List

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If I were to play in the Convention Tournament The Seal Of  Repulsion (Which I sadly won´t) this is the list I would play, hope it would stand up for the competition. Here it comes!
Mitch Hunter,  7th "Phantom Brigade" Spec-Ops Battalion ( -2 RS to Enemy models targeting all friendly Capitol Troops and Support)

5 x Airbourne Cavalry with M50 Fragmention Ammo (Shotgun Template)
5 x Light Infantry
5 x Martian Banshees
The list ended at exactly 500 points! Woho!
So here´s what I was thinking. Choosing Mitch as my warlord for both the Fragmention Ammo to the Airbournes to drop down where I want them to wreck havoc on the battlefield. And also to get the Phantom Brigade power, without any Medics in the squads and with so few units they need all the help they could get staying alive. The Infantry and Banshees get to keep the Standard Ammo to hopefully give Mitch some covering fire. 
So what do you guys think any tips?

New info about WZR convent!

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Seal Of Repulsion!

Enter into the fray of battle and represent your Corporation in this one day campaign.


Your Corporation needs YOU!

One day Seal Of Repulsion campaign Event:

The Seal of Repulsion campaign will be a one day "turn up and play" event.

  1. Each entrant will play for one faction with a WZR force from that faction.
  2. Each entrant will be allowed to play as many games as they can for their faction against other factions.
  3. Each factions wins and losses will be recorded throughout the day and at the end of the day an "overall" faction winner will be announced.
  4. All entrants are asked to bring with them the following items: a WZR 500pt force, dice required and gaming items such as tape measure and templates

One day Seal of Repulsion Campaign rules:

1. All models used MUST be Prodos WZR models, no other warzone models are to be used.

2. All models used MUST be on the recommended WZR base size as per the Prodos WZR rule set.

3. All forces entered must be of up to 500pts, and organized to the current WZR offensive organization table as per the Prodos WZR rule book.

4.Please be aware that the event organisers decisions are final in all game decisions.



WZR Painting Competition:



1.  Single model or vehicle only


2   Small model on  base size of 30mm base


3.  Medium models on 40mm or 50mm base


4.  Large models on 80mm+ base size



Conversion work MUST be comprised of at least 75% WZR product; the other 25% may be other manufactures parts, putty, plastic card, etc.


Corporations On Parade

Corporations on Parade is your chance to plan, collect, model and paint a WZR force, display it on a minimum sized display/terrain board measuring 12" x 12" up to 24" x 24" in size and show it off at the convention, everyone at the convention will have the chance to vote on which corporation on parade is best and an overall winner will be announced.


1.  The corporation/faction force entered can be of any size from one squad up to and including multiple squads/vehicles/monsters.


2.  Entries may include multiple corporations/factions in conflict on the display.


3.  All figures/vehicles/monsters/terrain etc. entered on the displays must be fully painted and based.


4.  Conversions entered must abide by the painting competition conversation rules.


CosPlay Competition

Cos players are welcome to the WZR Convention and encouraged as their passion for their hobby is creating elaborate costumes based on the very characters that make up the WZR/Mutant Chronicles universe.


Please feel free to come in your favourite WZR character costume but please abide by the following guide lines:


  1. ALL weapons carried MUST BE of a "prop" standard.
  2. No active weapons to be carried. ( This means no sharp edged weapons and no loaded weapons such as Nerf Guns or water Guns or blank firing weapons).
  3. NO open weapons to be carried OUTSIDE of the main event hall. Security will stop you! If you have to carry a weapon too and from the hall please have it concealed or covered at all times.
  4. No costumes that are considered too provocative or allow nudity as this convention is a family event and children maybe present, if you are unsure of this please send a picture of the proposed costume to the event organisers for double checking.

There will be a Cos-Play prize for best costume on the day judged by the event organisers.

ALL decisions made by the event staff in all tournaments/campaigns/compitions are final and subject to rules and regulations for the day.

ALL decisions made by the event staff in all tournaments/campaigns/competitions are final and subject to rules and regulations for the day.



The Info is also available at