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Corporations On Parade Event

Corporations on Parade is your chance to plan, collect, model and paint a WZR force, display it on a minimum sized display/terrain board measuring 8" x 12" (A4) up to 16" x 24" in size and show it off at the convention, everyone at the convention will have the chance to vote on which corporation on parade is best and an overall winner will be announced.

1. The corporation/faction force entered can be of any size from one squad up to and including multiple squads/vehicles/monsters.

2. Entries may include multiple corporations/factions in conflict on the display.

3. All figures/vehicles/monsters/terrain etc. entered on the displays must be fully painted and based.

4. Conversions entered must abide by the painting competition conversation rules.

This should be an interesting event to see what sort of things people can come up with to "Showcase" their chosen faction/corporation, we will be looking for creativity and theme on the day not just who has painted the best figures (that's for the painting competition) another chance for people to have fun and really experiment with hobby projects for WZR.
9 days to go. Cant wait!


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