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Inside look of the Factions

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So here is a little inside view of the factions. Yay more pies for the people!!

Back with something exciting!

Kategori: My game

So firstly sorry I havnt posted in like forever but I hope this will make up for it ;)
I have started to work on a card game. Hopefully I will bring it to Dragonsmeet in London in December to get it Alpha tested. I dont want to spoil to much since it will likely be changed due to testing but right now im building 5 decks of 60 cards each (Plus tokens, resources and such).
There are five different factions each with their own unique deck including characters, abilities, soldiers and vehicles. The five different factions are:
Sector Security - The planets last line of defense and political hotshots
Unifier - The worst scum of the earth together under one mans quest for a secret mission
Trident - Three mercenary groups together as one selling their guns for the highest bidder
Burning Skull Cult - A psychic terrorist with his cult of a new world order
Twilight Terror - A hidden dimension overlord with his slave followers and enhanced humans
If you have any questions about cards, rules or how it would be played just ask and I will answer asap. The faction names could be changed as well as the fluff, rules yes everything could change until I get it right ;)
167/300 cards are done now and I wanted to show you some pictures of how the work progresses.
The amount of cards in each deck and their ingame cost
Right now the Trident faction has more cards, but in the end all factions will be at 20% otherwise I have done something really wrong!