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So I havnt even gotten my Caps yet but I got plans to upgrade them from 800pts to a 1000pts army. And now I need your help and tips on what to add/remove from the list!

The 800pts list is:

Warlord :
Big Bob Watts, 1st " Bulls Eye " Division 250pts

Troops :
5 x Airbourne Cavalry, with Medic 110pts
5 x Airbourne Cavalry, with Medic 110pts
5 x Free Marines, 1 x M606 LMG 105pts

Support :
5 x Martian Banshees, with Medic 125pts

Light veichle :
2 x Purple Sharks 100pts

800pts sharp!

I also added the Imperial Doomtrooper. . Yes just one.. Smart of me I know. So he will come with the Caps.

Since Im going to Telford for the Warzone Convent ( What you didnt know? ;) ) I think I'll buy some more to fill the ranks of the Caps, so now any suggestions? :)

Its ON!

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Yepp! Now its on for real! The ticket to Birmingham is payed for, so now its just have to turn into November! Never wished for winter this hard... I will fly to England 1st November and fly home the 4th November. Really looking forward to meeting all you guys! ;)

The Convent is on Sunday, the 3rd.. So whats happening on Saturday we will just have too see. Questing Knight Games will likely be my first stop, need to check out the store and say hi!

So I've seen that people have started to get their WZR stuff.. Jealous? Me? Please.. I would kill to get my stuff! ;) No but seeing people get their stuff, I mean Wow! The models are so great looking, very detailed.. Just hope I can do them justice when I paint them!


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So...This is how it looks painted.. I think need too bring one home from England.

Just, wow! Its really a beast in CC, killing off Nozaki and almost brought down 2 Mekas and "pastifying" Ronins and Chasseurs on the way there as Mark put it. The Mekas had taken 15 SP before they managed to bring him down! Sounds to me that its well worth its points!

Modern Masters!

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So today we drafted Modern Masters at my gaming club. After my first rare I knew what I was going to play.

I was going for Tokens, Saprolings and Worms!

I also had my fair share for Saproling creation creatures Yes there were more creation creatures not just 3.

So my plan for the deck were get out a shitload of tokens and pump them with

In the last booster I got my hands on

Which was doing good in the draft. .

I didnt win the draft, but hey I play for fun anyway :)

Friday Night

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Yepp its friday night and Im at my friends house, drinking beer and convincing him to start playing Warzone. He wasnt hard to convince!

A British beer, a tribute to my British friends.. Yes it was delicious!

More Iron Warriors

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So Im repainting my old Iron Warriors that I painted when first started collecting them roughly six years ago. Back then I was lazy, just basecoating them black and drybrushed silver and gold on them.

But when I got the Dark Vengeance box I couldnt paint like that anymore.. I want to be a better painter, not just taking shortcuts making the models look "meh" to be able to play with them painted.

So I got some tips from two of my friends who are really good painters and now I will never go back to just drybrushing. This looks so much better, and dont take so long to paint after all.

Chosen WIP. The plastic is easier to paint than the old metal models.

Warsmith WIP. Being repainted, the silver and gold areas have gained some repainting. The silver will get a black ink wash and another silver layer.

Exalted Champion WIP. Same as the Warsmith, just wanted to show off some more minis :)

Warzone Convention Site

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Heres the link to the Warzone Convention page. 
You will find info about the date, entrance fee, where its going to be, where you can spend the night and more!
So if you´re going check it out!

New look!

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So now I got a new look for the blog. Hope you like it! I think its far better than the original design and I really like the logo my brother-in-law made for me!
The colouring is a.. "tribute" to my favourite apostel Muawijhe Bringer of Nightmares.
Cant wait for the hordes of insanity to enter WZR.
Really hoping they will be appering with Imperial in the second wave but my guess is that the next DL army will be Ilian, since from what I understand they were one of the most collected DL armies because of their Templars. But Im okey with that since Imperial is my favourite faction, close behind of Muawijhe.

The Convention Exclusive Model

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The exclusive model is....

The Archangel!! It will come with 4-6 missions and will be fully playable!!

This model is only available at convensions!

Warzone Convent

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So Mark asked Me, Alex and Johan if we could come to

I will attend, think Alex would come to. Johan havnt answered yet, but hope he is coming along too.

So 3/11 you will get updates about what were up to at this convention.

I also added Johan and Alex blogs at the link section to the right. Check them out!

Memoirs of Albert Perkins Part.1 of First Game Session

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Heres the first part of the first game session of two game sessions we have had of my friends Kult-RPG campaign.
I play 31 year old Albert Perkins, former police and now a private investigator.
Its was a early autumn day.The bells where ringing at the church tower, my friend Mike Arbows brother were put to rest. I was not a close friend of the family, I just met them occasionally when there where birthdays or when they were visiting Mike. 
Mike had no contact with his brother until recently when his brother came clean from drugs, got married, got a well paid job in finance. It was strange but I was glad for him, not everyone get a second chance like that!
But then Mike got the news, his brother had been murdered. They never found the body but the amount of blood at the crimescene.. well no one could have lost so much blood and lived. 
After the funeral I walked out of the church with Mike and Shaun (A football hooligan with drinking problems who lives at my place), we were confronted by Benjamin Arbows widow Alex. She told us that she didnt believe Benjamin was dead, that someone had taken him or something! But she knew he wasnt dead that was for sure. Ofcourse Mike would like to know what happened to his brother, I thought this whole case was stinking.. something was not rigth his disappearance. So I gave her my card and said that I would look into this and if she wanted something or could tell me something about the case, she shouldnt hesitate to call me! She told us that he had been in their cabin in the countryside the night when he disappeared.
Then she left and we saw some men in a car watching us, we started walking towards them and our car when one of the men gets out of the car and stopped us. He presents himself as inspector Nolan, and asks us what we know about Benjamin and if we heard anything from him before he died. We told him that we know nothing and this came as a chock to all of us, that he "dead", we also asked him if it were okey if we could go to the cabin and check it out. He told us the their investingation was finished and we could go if we wanted to, but it was no pretty sight we would find. 
We left and went to a local bar outside Mikes apartment, we took a couple of beers and a whiskey in Benjamins memory..  No too strengthen our nerves for what we would find in the cabin tomorrow. 
The day after the funeral we went to Alexs and Benjamins apartment in the more luxurious parts of Manchester, the lobby was locked and a intercom lead to the porter. Mick explained who he was and that he wanted so see Alex and the porter unlocked the door. The lobby was richly decorated and had bright and clean surfaces. The elevators was right in besides the porters booth, we went in the elevator and went up to the 7th floor. 
We found Alexs door, all doors in the building seemed to have really heavy and tough door. She let us and and asked if we wanted something to drink, I told her to sit down and that I would put on some tea. The apartment was really fancy, design furniture and top notch kitchenware and would have looked liked a magazine home if not for all the dirty dishes and clothes and overfull garbage bags. She sat down in the sofa with Mick and Shaun sat in a armchair when I came in with the tea. They talked about Benjamin and that he went alone to the cabin that night, they usually went together but sometimes he would go alone. We sat down and talked for a bit abut her and Benjamin. Apparantly they met at a at a mental hospital and rehab for their drug usage. He got a penpal when he was in the rehab and after that he got the penpal he got better really quick. In a couple of weeks we was clean and he came out and took Alex with him, got a good job and everything was perfect. We asked if we could see the letters. She showed us were they were in Benjamins workroom, then she left and sat down in the sofa again. The letters were to and from a Mr. Nigel White. Then we checked Benjamins adressbok for a number of adress or a number to this Mr.White, but all we found was N.W - S.G.
We asked Alex if she knew what S.G meant and she thought it was the new club called StarGazer, a place where theres always full and hard to get into... if you dont have the right connections. And then she gave us the key to the cabin and she said she had to rest a bit, we thanked her and left. 
It was a 3 hour drive out to the cabin, it was a lonesome road with cabins on both sides with a couple of hundreds of meters in between them. Benjamin and Alex cabin was the last on the road, it was really quiet out there. The groundfloor was made out of stone and the second floor was made of wood, all of the curtains covered the windows. Mike wanted to be first man in so he went inside at once. 
He almost turned directly after he opened the door, and i understand why. The ground floor was one open room with a sofa and two armchairs and table to the right, there the stairs to the second floor also was. Too the left of the room were a desk and a couple of bookshelves full of books. in the middle och the room right opposite of the front door was a fireplace. In the middle of the floor a huge stain of dried in blood, the wooden floor had soaked in the blood and now it had taken a deep red colour. What was more disturbing was that the roof also had a huge stain on it... What the hell happened here?

Q & A with Mark Rapson

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Mark Rapson of Prodos Games was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for us!
Q: Could you give us a brief overview on what Warzone is?
A: Warzone Resurrection is a tabletop miniatures (28mm scale) skirmish game, set in the Mutant Chronicles dark SciFi Future. The richly visualised Mutant Chronicles dark future has been exciting gamers and science fiction fans all over the world for 20 years. The Solar System is besieged by abominations from the dark beyond, infernal hybrids of undead alien flesh brought into existence by the Dark Symmetry. Mankind is divided into five rival Megacorporations concerned only with profit and territory as they tear the inner worlds apart in bitter, internecine war. United in faith under the Brotherhood, Mankind may yet prevail – divided, they shall surely fall as the Dark Legion sweeps all before it.
Q: What do you like the most with the IP and setting of Mutant Chronicles, what got you hooked?
A:So I am a newish recruit to the MC and WZ world, first hearing and reading about it 3 or 4 years ago. Back then, before WZR was anything more than a twinkle in our eyes, I fell in love with the fluff, the art and the general concept. I picked up a few miniatures, but vacuumed up any literature I could find. Now I have nearly all literature published in the MC world and all the Warzone stuff. I love it.
Q: Whats your favourite model/unit in WZR overall. Fluffwise, looks, rules etc?
A: This is a very hard question. So looks wise I love the Ronin and Meka.I personally thing the product of the concept artists and renderers for the Meka is sublime. The pinnacle of design and a perfect example of Mishima and the reimagining of Mishima for WZR. 
Rules wise I really like the Blink and Power Blink of the Armoured Chasseurs, a great concept. I also think the Build your own hero and vehicle rules a great, simple but brilliant and in the case of the vehicle rules, so much more realistic that the vehicle rules for other game systems. And fluffwise, I like the new characters, Hamilkar, Henery Thomas, the Necrobeast and Angelika. I am also very pleased with the new Brotherhood squad.
Q: What single thing about WZR do you think will attract most new players? (Rules, the models, IP etc.).
A: I think the models first of all, they are the window to the WZ world, but the fluff and imagery will keep them in. The rules, missions and narrative will keep people coming back for more The Fact you can make your own Hero is very appealing to me.
Q: Do you plan on releasing multipart boxes for each faction to create your own hero?
A: Many things are in the pipeline, this included. When they will arrive and in what form is yet to be seen, but yes. And let’s not forget that its possible to ki-bash WZR models so Im really looking forward to seeing everyones conversions.
Q: When do you think we will get our hands on Imperial and the next DL wave?
A: Well we have 10 new units in the current book, at least 1 for each faction first, but I think 2014 is a very good estimation.
Q: Is there anything you learnt from doing the Kickstarter that you would change if you could go back?
A: Not really, it was a rollercoaster, we had our ups and downs, and more than our fair share of trolls, but it exceeded all expectation.
Q: Do you plan on diversifying in the future into other sectors of the hobby market say Terrain or Paints either solely or with a partner?
A: Prodos is a very ambitious company and as such I am certain what we have now (and set for the next year) is just the tip of the iceberg.
Thank you for taking your time Mark Rapson!

A Request!

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A friend asked me if I could glue together his Wood Elf Battalion for him, as thanks he would buy me lunch some day.

Good deal right? I am a hungry man after all. ;)

So begin gluing together the Glade Guards, not so much problem there. . just think they have really small bases! Hard to get a good formation in the ranks and such.. Still went OK ;)

Command squad of the Glade Guards

Skirmish Glade Guards

Then after the sucess with the elfs I try my luck with the Dryads.. Im still just TWO in!! Jesus!!! These guys/girls(tree-things) have so small limbs!! And just one foot on the base, they fall over all the time while I try gluing them on the base..

They Dryads from HELL! ;)

Note to self, Dryads are not worth a lunch!

New Workspace

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My wife fixed a new workspace for me!

Do I have to say I have the best wife ever? ;)

Went International!

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So since we got together talking about bloggs in the WZR forum on Facebook I now decided to write in English, so they get what Im up to!
So when the WZR finally hits my apartment, this blogg will mostly be about that. What I think about the models, how I will paint them and the results. 
But I will still update about my WIP and the other games I play and will play once I get ahold of them!
Things I play
40k - Iron Warriors
Bloodbowl - Migthy Mammoths (Norse)
Resident Evil DBG
Kult the RPG
Mutant Chronicles RPG 2nd Ed.
Things I WILL play
Bloodbowl - Punchbags (Nurgle)
The Agents (Est. Delivery - November)
WZR!!! (And lots of it I hope, hopefully the guys at my gaming club will love it as much as I do!)
Mutant Chronciles RPG 3rd Ed.
Cadwallon City Of Thieves (Once the models are painted!)
Necromunda (If the interest returns to my gaming club)
I would also like you guys to check out the links to my friends bloggs too! 
And since I will get some more people visiting I will make a little remodeling at the blogg to make it more easy to the eye too ;)