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Imperial WIP!

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So yet another WIP for Imperial was released today, I thought I had my Imperial armylist ready but now I have to add this aswell! :D
Powered by V8!
Additional Info teaser about the V8 Engine:
Bore: 83mm
Stroke: 81mm
Capacity: 3506cc
Weight: 214kg (dry), 227kg (wet)

Maximum Power
Naturally Aspirated: 280bhp @ 6800rpm

Maximum Torque
Naturally Aspirated: 232lb ft @ 5500rpm
Really cool, the boys at FB have been talking and they either think is the new look for the Golden Lions or something new perhaps an Imperial "Juggernaut"?

Imperial teasers

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Firstly sorry for not posting some updates lately but there are bigger things (Not good) thats happening in my life right now. So hopefully I´ll be back posting my ass off in April/May.. Thanks for your understanding!
Now those Imperials!!
 Oh Trenchers, and a charger! Fanboys screams in joy!
Imperial Officers, could they be a Squad Commander Upgrade for the Trenchers? We can only hope!
They will be available 12/4 at Salute and on the Webstore the day after!
Now all I wait for is some Light Viehcles, Blood Berets and mine and Marks favourites the Young Guards. Then I have all I want for my army (Too start with atleast!)
For her Serenity!

New MC Update!

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 So Chris has added all of the cool t-shirts at their site. ->HERE<- 
This is an exampel of the awesome Cartel T-shirts!
This add-on is yours for 20£, just add it to your pledge and wear it at your gaming sessions! ;)
And Chris also showed us some new and exciting art. Art of spacecrafts!!! OMG SO COOL! :D
 But thats not all! We unlocked the Capitol book so here´s some Capitol ships for you!
Here's a Capitol Aero-Fighter which is capable of engaging targets as far as near orbit for limited periods. You can see the familiar Capitol wings on the fuselage. These craft were one of the first designs to be converted in the chaos of the post Dark Symmetry years.
This Capitol transport was one of the more modern ships in the fleet before the Dark Symmetry struck, able to carry large numbers of passengers and cargo between ground based installations and near Orbit locations.

Another more detailed look on all five of the Heretics! Plus the new Twisted Marionette!
OH LORD! Those Heretics looks real awesome!!
The Marionette is formed when the Dark Symmetry corrupts the systems of a ship or building and forms mockeries of the human form from the cables and ducting. Terrifying to encounter because you just don't know where to shoot!
Also! The Dark Soul book is now unlocked! What can we expect next!?

AvP Pledge Manager

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So the pledge manager has been locked in for me! Now I have decided what I´ll be getting, and I´m going to tell you!
Firstly we have the boardgame ofcourse. Which includes all of the fine things below!
And as Add-ons and Freebies I had!
The Predator Berserker!
Female Predator
Cloked Ranged Predator
Hellhounds x1 (Free Stretchgoal)
Predator Mission Objectives!
And 3 Awesome Predator d20s!
Is it May yet!?

New MC 3rd Ed Update

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We crashed another stretch goal and unlocked this beautiful shiny 4 part Mutant Chronicles GM Screen.
We also got a show of one of the three Mishima characters from the 3 piece figure set for £15. Here´s the Ronin!
 The RPG characters are a mix of re-sculpts and new sculpts to bring new heroes to the Warzone battlefield as well as more suitable figures for RPG players. There will also be a set of generic civilian adventurers, suits and workers!
He would be a great Ronin Squad Commander for WzR! 
Next Stretch Goal is the Capitol Guidebook! 

Some Light on White Star!

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For those wondering about White Star... Here´s a little something!
The Russian's that remained looked down on the families that abandoned their homeland, those that remained were often the common people, and families that decided to remain and protect their motherland. Whilst other nations collapsed the people of Russia endured as they have done before. 
The White Star battle barges overhead and the Night Hussars land amidst the Razides with their bone swords swinging! The Hussar's are kicked out of the Bunkers when they come of age and must survive 7 days and 7 nights amidst the brutal sub-zero temperatures of the nuclear winter and the creatures that prowl the night. Killing by their bare hands on the first night, they will forge the bones of their victims in to the swords that they will carry to their death...!
Though the White Star Battle Barges and Tunnellers are filled to the brim with eager brother's in service to their beloved Tsarina, it is the Hussar's that catapult themselves far in advance of their forces, competing to be right amongst the most deadly and numerous of opposition. Disdaining all firearms, the bone swords never leave their sides and are cut from vast creatures that hunt men across the ancient steppes of Earth. Now where White Star makes it mark these creatures fear to tread...