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I live! Again!

Im back atlast and now with both Gothcon and UK Games Expo creeping up on me, and an unpainted Imperial force just wont do!! 

My NCOs are almost done only weapons, some tiny details and boots left. They will be removed from their bases and putted on clear bases when I get my hands on some ;) 

The Line Defense!

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After the success with the first trencher and the brilliant scheme on the NCO, I will do all "Trenchers" in that scheme instead and repaint the first one I made.
I thought I would start painting everyone at once since they all have same uniforms and hoping to save some time, which meant I would get to start to paint Rist to and WOW! He is turning out lovely! I have not yet dared to destroy my dear friend Rists face yet! What do you think about the scheme so far? Will throw up a pic of dear old Drougan to, so you get a hint at how the Blood Berets and Special Forces will look like!
Like this, but with the grey from the Trenchers trenchcoats on legs and arms! ;)

Imperial Colour Scheme

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So here is the Imperial colour scheme I have decided on, since my character Seb and Drougan are both Terror Eagles I wanted them all have roughly the same colours so yellow it was!
First tests on a Trencher
Liked it so much that I had to try it out on one of the NCOs aswell! Love the colours sofar!
What do you guys think? I think they remind me of industrial workers or something!

Imperial is growing!

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So last night we got new recruits for my Imperial army, a squad of Golden Lions and a Hurricane Walker joined the ranks of my Imperial Line Defenses.
The Golden Lions bring an amazing CC potential to my army which is sofar pure Ranged with buffs from NCOs and Rist. So no change to my usual tactics since I am a ranged player in all games I play. But having a GL unit either Infiltrating or Rapid Deploy could be a real ace! 
The Hurricane Walker is a shooting beast from hell! RoF 6 on his Mega Charger and a Heavy Chimney (Gas Weapon) as a secondary weapon. Not to mention the Trencher Nest upgrade which gives you additional weapon with RoF 5 cause of the Trenchers hidding behind sandbang on top of the walker! It also buffs your models within 10" and can un-burn three Resource cards!
A little scale shot
Everything put together sofar, just the Blood Berets that awaits some parts! (Oh and awaiting the nest for the Hurricane!)
Next step is to basecoat them white! Woho!

The Imperial army grows!

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So last night I started assembly of my Imperial army. The models are really great looking and almost no flash! All the details are so crisp, like the gasmask and grenades, the controls for the gasmask filters.. Just WOW! 
So far I have assembled 5 x Trenchers with Invaders + Bayonets, 5 x Trenchers with Invaders (Cut off their Bayonets since two was broken), 2 x Imperial Trencher Officers (Or NCO if you would like to play them like squad commanders), The Greyhound Tankette and Brigadier "Righteous" Rist!
Thats not enough I also have 3 x Golden Lions, 5 x Blood Berets and a Hurricane Walker waiting to be assembled. I am also looking for clear bases for my Imperial army and I will make an order from Gamer Templates for either a Terror Eagles or Young Guard WzR templates + all the clear bases i need for my Imperials!


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So it all started on Friday (Thursday was just dropping off a 50kg package, which my uncle carried by himself!!) 
First to arrive of "Prodos Sweden" team, I was warmly welcomed by Rob, Elliot and Richard! The shop was already unpacked so we waited for our demo tables and our first customers, well after me.. I spent around 200£+ on minis before anyone else had a chance to see the stuff! Somethings was just to good to pass on!
Yea the Imperials, sold like nothing else! Wow those starter boxes were gone like the wind!
Rob was really looking forward to see what Sweden and Gothcon had to offer, since it according to him is like nothing in England. There people comes to the Prodos booth throws them money and says: "How much can I get for this!?"
Oh how lovely the Bauhausian Grizzly looks when its in pieces! ;)
So the shop was up and running with all four of us, selling and talking to excited fans of old and new. Lots of people who had no idea that Warzone finally was back! Lots of people were in our room all the time, people who had been visiting us before came back with their friends. It was really fun to see such love for the game!
Finally the saviour arrives, Andreas Erlandsson comes with our first demoboard and quickly builds it up and starts playing!
While they play we are busy in the shop (And taking photos, yes!) When another board comes in with Klas Whilney! He demands to face me in a demogame, sure why not!? ;)
Since we had no terrain over at the moment we had to have a large hill in the middle of the board to not get LoS at the beginning. He was playing Caps and I was playing Robs "Demohaus"
The  rest of the demo armies, Imperial, Bauhaus extra units and the Dark Legion.
After being defeated by my apprentice Klas (In the picture I have Steiner left.. but it was not for long!) He looked for a little more compition in his match and fought on the third demo table against its owner, Andreas Engström!
The brave! (Or foolish?) Trencher runs forth against Alakhai and cuts him with his bayonet!
Rob is looking... good... as always! ;) Moving on! Bring on the evening and a dinner at the Moon!
After our visit there, Elliot came up with the saying: You never go full moon!

Saturday morning the one and the only Fredrik "Hamilkar" showed up! Finally mate you made it! Thank the gods you got off work!
And then Henrik dropped in and "Prodos Sweden" were in the building! Really great to meet you guys again! Oh and Henrik, thanks for the book you left me! ;)
Prods crew for Gothcon 2014, with guests of honour Kex Chocklad and Plopp!
The whole day was packed with people, the demotables were almost never unused! Really great to see so many people enjoying the game!
My blogbrother Johan (Diceandbrush) made an apperance on the Con, he´s a really cool and funny guy.. And a much better painter than me! ;) Here we can see him preparing a battle against his reallife brother!
Johan´s two armies. So great looking, really jealous! Especially on the Alakhai, be sure to check him out!
Fredrik is looking for some new resin too buy, well he is in the right place! Put in the Caps section? (Thats his big spender face he´s making!)
Never catched his name, but he wanted his Hamilkar signed!
Sunday (Aprox. 01.00 People would still call it saturday)

The match is on, I know you guys have waited forever for it. But now I can finally give you the......
Rob plays his Bauhaus and I try out the new Imperial who everybody says should be soooooo OP! Well lets go!
The greyhound was my last model, managed to kill Max and the Hussars but the Vulkan stomped me to bits, Vulkans win!!!
Rob, Richard and Elliot wanted a photo with the Worst WzR player in the world.. But since it was just the four of us it had to be two photos! 
Overall a really great and fun weekend! Thanks to everybody that came to us at gothcon, Prodos, Demogamers, Fans and thanks to Gothcon that let us be apart of this awesome Convention! See you guys next year and as a final picture this is what I brought home with me!

Salute Yesterday

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So Salute happened yesterday and my blogbrother Ishi was there and will later today give us an update what happened over there! But as a tease he showed us these on facebook!
Mishima, Kunshu Dragon Riders
Mishima, Demon Hunters
Our friend Paul from Gamer Templates also got a load of stuff he bought. Seems like he also made an unboxing video, you can find it here -> UNBOXING VIDEO
But here is a picture of all the goodies he brought home
Now I cant wait til next week when Prodos get their games over to Sweden and I will help them out at Gothcon. 

Imperial PDF and My Secret Project

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So earlier today the Imperial Pdf rules were released. You have red them right? Thats what I thought :) Its something really new and exciting very different from the other corps, you can if you want play them as 3 armies!! 
Ministry of War - Trencher, Berets and the such.
Wolfbanes - Clansmen and Mourningwolves and the likes of these.
Or you could combined them and play them together!!
I really loved the rules for Imperial, their Gas, Gasmask and Medal system really gets my interest and I have already made up an army and what Medals I will use. But that we can talk about when I have the army! ;)
Also my friend Rist has his own Character in Imperial now, look him up he´s a super cool character!
If you havent seen the rules you can find them here :
Now you remember that secret project I was talking about? If you look at the front page you might see my name under the "Emblem Design Team"
Yes, thats right me and Rist were helping Prodos with the emblems, I did design and Rist cleared them up and made them more even, he also did some of the designs. Then Michal did his magic and wow the results are amazing! :D Check these out! 

The Blood Berets logo. Classic with a skull, works really good!
The Golden Lions Logo, looks almost like a shield with a ferocious lion. Dig it!
In the back of the book are more logos for other special forces can you guess which is which?
Oh and who is this mysterious leader for the Terror Eagles?
Prodos also wanted us to know what to expect next ;)
Coming soon: Wolfbanes, Storm Trenchers, Imperial Special Forces, Young Guards, Necromower, Barracudas, Grey Ghosts, Bauhaus Bully and Expanded Build Your Own Hero PDF for ALL Factions!

Updated Starterboxes

Kategori: Brotherhood

So I just checked out the new beautiful shop and the new retail boxes for startersets when I came across these changes in the starterboxes of Dark Legion and Brotherhood.
Alakhai is out, and two Necromutant Leaders are in. 
Cardinal Dominic is on the bench, welcome the new Inquisitor Squad Commanders
Really good idea to start with the Squad Commander upgrades instead of a Warlord. The same is in the Imperial Starter where the Trencher Officers are in the box. As the Warlord are replaced the starters wont have the same amount of "Power" in them making them even better for newstarted players to get a go on each other with. 
With no Warlord in the box to eat up a huge amount of points of your starting force, the Squad Commander is a great addition to your force. For low points cost they bring is a good deal for the amount of fire power or boost to the unit the lead.
Exciting news anyway! Will we see this change in all starters soon? Whats your thoughts on this change?

Battlereport Capitol vs Bauhaus

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So here it is, the battlereport from yesterday. Firstly a look at the armylists and the mission!
Basic game, Mission - Seize Ground

My Capitol Force
Warlord - Big Bob Watts with Bulls eye Battalion - 250pts
Troops - 5 x Light Infantry, Medic - 75pts
Troops - 5 x Airborne Cavalry, Medic - 110pts
Troops - 5 x Free Marines. M606 LMG - 105pts
Support - 5 x Martian Banshees, Medic - 125pts
Light Vehicle - 2 x Purple Sharks - 100pts
Total: 765pts
Karl´s Bauhaus
Warlord - Angelika Drachen - 170pts
Troops - 10 x Hussars, 2 x MG-40 LMG - 188pts
Troops - 5 x Etoiles Mortant, Gehenna Puker - 95pts
Support - 5 x Venusian Rangers, 2 x ARG-17 RPG, Camo Cloaks 155pts
Light Vehicle - Vulkan Battlesuit - 115pts
Total: 723pts
Mission was to get up on the rock in the middle and be alone with half of your remaining force on top of it until the end of a turn, from turn 4 and forward. Simple right? This was Karls first game and first time he played with a full painted force, great job!
Bauhaus went first and Deployed from the left: Vulkan, 10 man squad of Hussars and Angelika in the Forest.
Infiltrator Rangers popped up in the Woods and supported Angelika in the flank.
Leaving the 5 Mortants in reserve ready to Rapid deploy!
Caps Setup
From the left, 2 Purple Sharks, 5 man squad of Free Marines, Big Bob and a 5 man squad of Light Infantry.
Leaving the 5 Banshees and 5 Airborne Cavalry in reserve!
Turn 1
Hussars rushed forward as the Caps failed to seize the initiative! The Light Infantry dived for cover behind the bushes and started to give the Hussars a warm welcome!
All five of my "Finest" troops hides out in the bushes!
The Vulkan advances and tries to shoot out my Light Infantry BUT rolls a 20 and ending its activation! WOHO!
Free Marines hugs the rocks and lets one of them run out in LOS to be able to fire at the Rangers.
And I rolled a natural 1 first, I needed to roll against my RS to actually be able to use a shooting action, then I rolled another natural 1!!! HAHA Which means One Ranger bye bye, No armour roll, No heal! Sweet!
The Rangers responded with trying to take out the Free Marines with their Rocket Launchers resulting in..
Zero casualties! Haha, badass Marines! But the Panzerknacker took out the one hugging the other rock!
Finally Big Bob entered the firefight and used Aim his Tank-Eater Rounds to blast 1 SP in the Engine.
Angelika pushed on and through the forrest and deployed a..
House Valmonte Distortion Device!! (I know you guys could see that it was that!)
The Shark flew forward and shot of his Quad Cannon = RoF 6!!! Same here, needed to make a RS test to actually be able to shoot at them, and when I actually got to shoot him he had camo and help from cover so with  my remaining 6 RS (After all - for cover) I actually managed to shoot out one of the boys with Rocket Launcher.
(We forgot the "Get the Gun" rule here.)
This Shark also managed to take out one of the Rangers, while staying out of range from the "Distortion Device"
Now the heats started to rise, Gehenna Puker enters the battlefield! RoF 2 Flamer, Ouch!
Yea all 4 is under the template!
3 Dies, the forth is the one that the Rangers took out.
The Rulebook gave me a hardtime to!
The last remaining Free Marine seems abit outnumbered right?
Airborne to the rescue! After the HU-E Missle rain only 4 Hussars remained!
Turn 2
The Hussars makes a 180 turn and bursts lead and trimming the bushes and an Airborne!
Plus that Angelika burst through the woods and make san neurolash Energy Eruption and takes out 3 Airbornes!!!
Big Bob gets a wound from the Vulkan and returns the favour with another SP in the Engine and 1 SP in the Weaponsystem. The Infantry shoots the Vulkan with no result.
The Etoiles takes out one of the sharks. Then they run around the rock and ambushes Bob and gives him another wound! 
Casualties turn 2
Starting to look dark for the Capitols!
Turn 3
The Bauhausians win the Initiative AGAIN!!! Activates the Mortants first and runs forth with the Gehenna and burns Big Bob and a Light Infantrist to crisps!! :(
The other Mortant ends the life of my last Free Marine.
Try to save the Situation with a rapid deployment with the Banshees but they fail the LD test and scatter out of the board! 
The Rangers advances.
The Vulkan takes out the last remaining Light Infantry. 
Casualties turn 3
Now its almost over.. It looked so bright before!
Turn 4
 Rapid Deployment on the hill. Now its my Last Stand.
And this is how it ended. The Vulkan climbed the Hill and burned all but one Banshee.
Good game Karl! Really enjoyed playing, it felt like I had the game in my hands the first two turns but wow how wrong I was. I have said this before but loosing has never been so fun! I want a rematch soon! :D

Imperial Preorder!

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Imperial are finally here! Preorder for Salute ateast is on! We got all kind of new goodies and finally we have seen the retail starter boxes!!!
Everything in this post will be Imperial so here are the Imperial Starterbox!!!
2 Trencher Officers
2 x 5 Trenchers
1 Greyhound Tankette
Beautiful models all of them!!!
There are also be Golden Lions and Hurricane Walker shown at the shop!

Brigadier Sir P.D. 'Righteous' Rist

My friend Gamer Templates own Imperial Warlord will be available at Salute and hopefully at Gothcon too!

Blood Berets

Thats right everybodys favourite junglecrawlers are back!!

Blood Berets Close Combat Add on pack

Want to get close and personal with your Blood Berets, this is for you. Be sure to add a Farraday Lord in the army as well!

Hurricane Walker -Heavy Gun Nest Add on.

Want some Trenchers on top of that cool walker? Now you can!!
All good releases and I cant wait until I will actually see them by myself!!

WzR at Gothcon!

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What you see above is the picture which will have at the Gothcon page, If any of our Swedish brothers or sisters are interested about what WzR are? Come on down and bring your friends! I will pesonally be there and do some demo games and report on all the cool stuff and people who comes by there here on the blog!
Also be sure to check out their amazing range of minis in the shop managed by Rob and Elliot, who will sell their full range of Warzone goodies
Also If you are and old or new Mutant Chronicles fan, if all you want to do is come talk some oldtime warstories (RPG, Warzone or Doomtrooper) dont hesitate to come by! We will see you there!

Back for now!

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So I´m back for now. Got to get pumped up because me and Prodos are gonna come kicking down at Gothcon!
Rob and some boys will manage the shop (They will have a whole classroom full of WzR stuff), and myself will throw some demogames. As it seems now my dear friend Dice and Brush wants go tag along for some learning from the master! (Thats me okey!?) Mr. Hamilkar himself will also make an apparence on the Saturday and maybe some special guests from the AvP Universe? 
So look for us there and maybe these badass looking minis can be yours!
Trencher Squad Commanders?
Hurricane Walker (Light Viechle)
 Trenchers, notice that Charger? Yea It can be yours!
 Golden Lions, AKA Shredders, the Turtle Banes!
The Light Tankette!
And this Badass mini!
 Valpurgis, but I will seriously play him as Saladin, until Saladin turn up in mini! ;)
And on the other hand here are some of the minis you can drool over at Gothcon until the get out in May! :D
Cant wait for them to show up on my birthday! :D
And different news, I have been working on a secret project I hope I can share with all of you soon! Otherwise you guys will have to wait some time, but it will be worth it! :D 
 I hope I see you guys at Gothcon! 

Imperial WIP!

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So yet another WIP for Imperial was released today, I thought I had my Imperial armylist ready but now I have to add this aswell! :D
Powered by V8!
Additional Info teaser about the V8 Engine:
Bore: 83mm
Stroke: 81mm
Capacity: 3506cc
Weight: 214kg (dry), 227kg (wet)

Maximum Power
Naturally Aspirated: 280bhp @ 6800rpm

Maximum Torque
Naturally Aspirated: 232lb ft @ 5500rpm
Really cool, the boys at FB have been talking and they either think is the new look for the Golden Lions or something new perhaps an Imperial "Juggernaut"?

AvP Pledge Manager

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So the pledge manager has been locked in for me! Now I have decided what I´ll be getting, and I´m going to tell you!
Firstly we have the boardgame ofcourse. Which includes all of the fine things below!
And as Add-ons and Freebies I had!
The Predator Berserker!
Female Predator
Cloked Ranged Predator
Hellhounds x1 (Free Stretchgoal)
Predator Mission Objectives!
And 3 Awesome Predator d20s!
Is it May yet!?

First Render for MC 3rd Edition

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So here´s the first render for the Rpg minis, the Heretics! Kratach and a melee weapon or grenade under development. Looks really promising! :D One head will change, so we will see some change the coming days!

A Little of All!

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So first of the Razide will get boosted in the new year with this amazing looking sculpt with alternate heads!
Its a really good idea, and I like the purple! ;)
Otherwise progression is going slow at home, soon christmas is here and during the vacation I will probably have a couple of games and have painted up the most of whats left of the Caps. I still wait for the last Heavy Infantry body to be able to assemble it all. So Paul´s Pistonheads can be a full five man squad, 
Mutant Chronicles 3rd RPG
The KS will start in january! Finally!! And me and some of my international friends(Blog Bro Ishi, Gamer Templates Paul,) + Hamilkar have been taling about starting a gaming group over skype and play a session a month. That would be legendary!
The Agents 
So I got my "The Agents" game... BUT!.. It had been badly treated on the way over the atlantic and it looks like the mailman sat on it on his way over here as well. I have mailed Double Edge games but have not gotten any answers yet.I hope everything inside is okey! Here is the shape of the package. 
Thanks for this time! 

Another Zone!

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Imperial Doomtrooper

Kategori: Imperial

So now it was time for Andrew Drougan to get some love. And what a joy he is painting. Much thanks to my friend Rob from Prodos who gave me tips on how to paint Yellow, it turned out amazing! (If you ask me atleast)
He is still WIP but I wanted to give him the oldschool Drougan look with yellow Doomtrooper armor.
So here he is, enjoy!
He is actually turning out so great that my entire Imperial army will rock the Yellow armor! Thanks again Rob! 
He might be finished today, we´ll see ;) 

Free Marines Update + The end of AvP

Kategori: AVP

So here´s where I´m at with the Free Marines I did want to give them all the same skin tone since they are (Except for characters) the only minis with skin showing in the army.
One redish "sunkissed" skin, a darkbrown skin tone and a more yellowish to bring out more character to them and for me to test my skinpainting skills. Yes I agree not the best pictures, will try to get better later!
And to the AvP KS which is now successfully funded, it ended at £379k and all the juicy stretch goals where met! And the 2000 backers goal was also unlocked. 
We unlocked the Predator ship set and the extra Pred tiles to the main game, as well as the W-Y Commandos, the free markers and doublesided board tiles.
And the 390k stretch goal Prodos were nice enough to give us anyway! Which was!............
An add-on for £5 if we break the £380k Goal. 4 Guns (flamer x2 and smartguns x2) with arms, 1 alternative Sergeant head and 2 different Predator heads.