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Road to Gothcon!


So two days until GothCon and now I starting to panic.  

I Will be demoing Warzone Resurrection with my Imperials and Capitols. Plus I will do two sessions of Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition.  

The Imperial boys are not done yet and I still need to read the rpg rules (havnt given them a read since I got them)

But a more positive thing is that all our Warzone cards arrived today!! Yay!! Mega decks for the win!!

Almost time for Gothcon!


Dang! Almost the one week mark until GothCon! Who will be there with me!? Im bringing two armies of WzR, Capitols Shadow Bridage with Mitch Hunter and The Imperial Trencher army of the Terror Eagles! 

Plus this year Prodos Games share rooms with Modiphius (Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition and Achtung! Cthulu) and The Free league (Mutant Year Zero). How exciting isnt this!? 

Just spoke to Chris today and Besides Crusading and demo-game for Prodos I will also do TWO sessions of Mutant Chronicles 3rd! 

Be sure to swing by and met me and the awesome People behind these games

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I live! Again!

Im back atlast and now with both Gothcon and UK Games Expo creeping up on me, and an unpainted Imperial force just wont do!! 

My NCOs are almost done only weapons, some tiny details and boots left. They will be removed from their bases and putted on clear bases when I get my hands on some ;)