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Forces of the Warzone

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So here´s the lists that my "Enemies" field during our war for control of the Warzone "Shadow Zone".
We have two Bauhaus armies at our local club, one lead by Angelika and the other one is lead by Max Steiner.

Angelika Drachen List:
Warlord -
Angelika Drachen 170 pts
Troops - 
Etoiles Mortant 75 pts
Hussars 80 pts
Hussars 80 pts
Support - 

Venusian Rangers 100 pts
Light Vehicle -

Vulkan Battlesuit
Total : 620 pts (Unupgraded)
Max Steiner List:
Warlord - 
Max Steiner 200 pts
Troops - 
Venusian Rangers (Steiner) 100 pts
Venusian Rangers (Steiner) 100 pts
Support - 
Armoured Hussars "Juggernauts" 225 pts
Light Vehicle -
Vorreiters 170 pts 
Total : 795 pts (Unupgraded)
We also have two Brotherhood armies at our club one of them only uses Cardinal Dominic as Warlord, the other one has Dom, Laura and Hamilkar at his disposal but he has only played with his Mishima so far, so no Brotherhood list for him right now.
Cardinal Dominic List:
Warlord - 
Cardinal Dominic 275 pts
Troops - 
Troopers 60 pts
Troopers 60 pts
Support - 
Inquisitors 105 pts
Mortificators 100 pts
Light Vehicle - 
Judicator x2 250 pts
Total : 850 pts (Unupgraded)
Dark Legion 
Our newest addition to the forces who fight over the Shadow Zone are the first Dark Legion army. Finally we will see some Undead legionaires and a towering Razide on the battlefields! 
Alakhai List:
Warlord -
Alakhai the Cunning 220 pts
Troops - 
Undead Legionnaires 60 pts
Undead Legionnaires 60 pts
Necromutans 105 pts
Support - 
Pretorian Stalkers 250 pts
Razide 75 pts
Total : 770 pts (Unupgraded)

Our cybertronic guy ordered stuff for over 1220 points unupgraded! So all of it cant be used with battles down at the club since the rest of us have armies around 800 points. And I havnt played him yet (He hasnt assembled his troops.
The Mishima list is at 500 points with the starterbox only. So no more info there for the time being hope for some more units to face in the near future! 
Thanks for now. Hopefully I will play some games during the holiday! :D

WIP Mining Site

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So now I bought the first thing that will result in a Mining Site board for Warzone.

The board "missions" so far is either to kill the opponent like the "Kill them all" mission in the WZR rules and/or the "Get the Artifact" which would demand that a Sqaud spends a turn with the Crane Control Panel for a whole turn. Then the unearthed artifact will be on ground level and a Squad will have to be in B2B with the artifact the whole turn to pick it out and score the points.

Possibly there will be other missions aswell. ;)

And what I have bought so far is ofcourse the Crane ;)

So I will get started during the Holiday with assembling and painting :)

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

AVP Update

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Warzone KS Update

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So here is the latest update from the Warzone Kickstarter. Some of the info is really interesting to read, like how many hours they have spend with certain things! :D
" Hi guys, we are almost there with shipping! only 80 to go! And they will be shipped Monday/Tuesday next week.

Now the Q&A

1. Prodos, My post code is not on the list below, when will my Parcel arrive?

If you parcel is not on the list below there are 3 possibilities:

A. It will be shipped Monday/Tuesday

B. It is already in transit (sent through "drop and go" service, so we will get only confirmation once the parcel is delivered) 

C. If your parcel is not delivered by 15 of January please contact, we will then track it for you.

2. Prodos I got my stuff but I have some missing pieces!

In most of the cases we are aware of missing content but to clarify:

A. We have ran out of templates due to malfunction of our Laser Cutter, the templates are getting outsourced and we should have them in the beginning of Jan for 2nd wave.

B. Heavies and Diorama, getting printed as we type this post, they are scheduled in Jan for 2nd wave. 

C. KS exclusive cards, designed and in print. 

D. Some cards were damaged in transit to us, so we ran low on stock, they are in print for 2nd wave.

3. Prodos my friends got they orders, why its taking so long to ship it all. 

This one is a bit difficult to answer, so let me put this way, we are working with Licensed product, meaning that, as a small company we cannot over man as some of the profit goes away to the License owners, so we have to be careful with our business plan, manpower for packing parcels and importantly to make sure we have left some cash  for  future Warzone investments (like Imperial).

So we do what we can to make sure we won't blow the budget.

There are a couple of issues we have had during fulfilling of the KS which we do not plan to repeat: 

A, 120K cards sent in several packages, completely out of any Faction order - supplier misunderstood our needs...

B. Our passion for Warzone exceeded our intentions and we ended up with 4 times more product to make after KS than we originally planned.

4. Prodos in numbers in the last 10 months of Warzone: 

1. Produced 50K+ models

2. Used 400 moulds (300 Kg of silicon!)

3. 2560 work hours on sculpting

4. 200000 words of Rulebook

5. 3200 work hours on casting

6. 3000 3D print hours

7. 250 unique models designed

8. 120000 cards with 450 unique designs

9. Imperial Corpbook development almost completed (25k+ words)

10. 2 Tons of Urethane plastic transformed in to miniatures!

11. 113 KFC large buckets and over 500 Redbulls consumed (they should become our sponsors!) + countless cups of coffee.

Here is where it gets funny, after KS we were looking to outsource a bit of our manufacturing, and every company (in Europe and in China) we went to said to us: "no way you will make 54 different units (almost 250 unique models) in 6 months, that will take 2.5 years to develop and manufacture, at least..." so big wave to the unbelievers ;]

Why I am sharing this with you? Just imagine what we can do in another 12 months for Warzone! 

5. Will AvP affect Warzone?

YES it will! as someone said "Customers will know us for AvP but they will love us for Warzone!". We will cater to fans of both games and we will never stop developing Warzone as long as we are allowed to.

Thanks again for all your support and Happy Holidays.

We are here through Xmas so feel free to contact me at

Jarek "

The Agents Unpacked

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So I got my nerves up when Alex and Paul told me to open the brutalised package and check to content to see if the game was unharmed. And it was! What a joy! Apparently the Swiss had open the package and then resealed it (Poorly). So now I´ve taken some pics to show you this awesome game! 
The Kickstarter Exclusive Black Box! Looks really good to the eye and was not as big as I first thought it would be. Ages 8 and up, for 2-5 players and a playtime between 20--40 mins (So probably 1,5 h for me and my friends!)
Here´s the content of the base game:
Points Tuckbox:
- 40 Point cards
Mission Tuckbox
- 20 Mission Cards
- 8 Commander Cards
- 5 Safe-House Cards
- 5 Player Aid Cards
- 2 Creator Cards
Agents Tuckbox:
- 36 Agent Cards 
- 4 Art Cards
 And on top of the Base game I also got my hands on 4 expansions! One which was a KS Stretchgoal inclusive for all players.
- Black Ops: 12 More Missions
- Mission Critical: 12 More Missions!
- The Special Agents: 20 More Agents
- Spoof Agents: 18 Agents, with a Comical Twist! ;)
Agent Tuckbox
 So here´s some sample Agents from the Base game.The each have an Ability (Bottom) and either a Half arrow or a Number (Top). The Ability they perform when the enter the game and Arrow/Number is how much Intel Points (IP) you recieve from them. The Arrows is worth 2 IP if they are the same colour beside each other and creating a FULL Arrow. If there is two different colours black and white the Arrow is worth 1 IP.
-------What I didnt tell you there is two colours of each Agent? Well there is!-------
 Now here´s where the Double Edge gets in. Depending on which side of the card you place towards you, that is what you get either the IP or the Ability (NOT BOTH) and your opponent get the other one. Simple huh? ;)
Now we continue to the Mission Tuckbox!
 The 8 different Commanders, I choose two at random to show you guys and the rest you can enjoy watching the cool back off! ;)
Here we go with 2 sample Missions. The Point in the corner is how much IP you recieve when completing the Mission.
The Player Aid cards, if you like me have no idea what your doing! ;) A Quick reference card which will be used frequently until I actually learn how to play the game. But as they said during the KS its easy to play and hard to master! :D
And cool Safe Houses like the Rooftop Lair or the Winter Forest Fortress! (I actually have no idea what they do in game)
The two Creator Cards, Steel Shadow (Saar) and The Dark Mechanic (Dan)
The Points Tuckbox
To everyones great surprise the Points Tuckbox is full of Point Cards! 1,2,5,10 and 20. The one with the most Points win the game!
Black Ops Expansion
So yeah, more missions = More Points to score! And a bigger chance you dont draw the same missions everytime you play ;)
Mission Critical Expansion
This is expansion features my favourite art of the whole game, Clandestine, just love that Cult art! ;)
Special Agents Expansion
More Agents, two colours of every Agent here too. This Expansion features some really interesting Agents, like the IP stealing Saboteur and the Rogue who gives you IP for all your assinged missions you havnt fullfilled!
The Spoof Agents
This awesome expansion features the one, the only.... Solid Snake! OH YEAH! Win right there! Yea and also Agents like Spy vs Spy, Archer and Black Widow.
So I hope you liked watching what I spended my money on in August and look forward to seeing some games being played, I know I will! ;)

A Little of All!

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So first of the Razide will get boosted in the new year with this amazing looking sculpt with alternate heads!
Its a really good idea, and I like the purple! ;)
Otherwise progression is going slow at home, soon christmas is here and during the vacation I will probably have a couple of games and have painted up the most of whats left of the Caps. I still wait for the last Heavy Infantry body to be able to assemble it all. So Paul´s Pistonheads can be a full five man squad, 
Mutant Chronicles 3rd RPG
The KS will start in january! Finally!! And me and some of my international friends(Blog Bro Ishi, Gamer Templates Paul,) + Hamilkar have been taling about starting a gaming group over skype and play a session a month. That would be legendary!
The Agents 
So I got my "The Agents" game... BUT!.. It had been badly treated on the way over the atlantic and it looks like the mailman sat on it on his way over here as well. I have mailed Double Edge games but have not gotten any answers yet.I hope everything inside is okey! Here is the shape of the package. 
Thanks for this time! 

HeroQuest - The Quest Continues

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----Sensitive players beware! Evil Gamemastering ahead!----

So last night was another HeroQuest session with me at the throne as GM! It was a night of evil laughter and magnificent dice rolling! ;)
Prince Magnus has ordered that Sir Ragnars kidnapper the Orc Warlord Ulag is to be sought out and destroyed!
The Heroes kicks in the the first door and faces the welcoming committee, 4 goblins playing cards during guard duty!
The Heroes quickly dispose of the Goblins and the Fimir whos sneaks behind the next door waiting for the Heroes!
The Barbarian want more bloodshed so he quickly moves to the first door he sees and bumps into two battleready Orcs!
The Barbarian jumps roght into action with the Dwarf watching his back while the Mage and the Elf takes the route up and away from the battle!
One of the Orcs land a boneshattering 3 skulls on the attack! Taste that Barbarian! HAHA! ( Evil GM Laughter!)
The Mage and the Elf finds the Armory, guarded by an Orc and a Fimir! (Yes a magic door is in the room which cannot be reached in this Quest)
After the Barbarian and Dwarf made the process short with the Orcs another Orc lies in an ambush and backstab the Barbarian in the back, with his axe!
After swinging his mace over his shoulder and killing the Orc, the Barbarian and Dwarf pushes further in and finds a bookshelf and two Goblins! Meanwhile the Elf and Mage finishes the fighting with the Orc and the Fimir.
The Dwarf takes the lead when he and the Barbarian stomps the Goblins to death. In the next room a Fimir and 3 Orcs wait for the heroes to make their move! In the end the Orcs and Fimir meets their maker and the Elf and Mage catches up with the rest of the group and enters the next door!
 The Barbarian and Dwarf charges straight in and end up fighting a Chaos Warrior and 2 Goblins (Why would Ulag have two Goblins as his personal guard?) and in the back the towering Orc Warlord Ulag!
The Dwarf drinks his Potion of Strength and gets the spell Courage from the Elf and he rolls all shields on the dices when attempting to strike at Ulag! *Evil Chuckle bursting out to maniac laughter* Hahaha :D
The Chaos Warrior goes down to his last wound but manage to slay the Barbarian and throws him up in the table!
And then the Mighty Ulag slays the puny Dwarf and throws him across the room! Who is next!? ;)
The Elf slays the last Goblin and then they retreat to the other room and slashes Ulag with support of the Mage and his poking quarterstaff!
At last they slay the Migthy Ulag and moves forward to the last room where they find a chest!!!
The Chest was a trap and a sneaky Orc hid in it and charges up and attackthe Elf. But is then killed and sliced up by the Elf and put back in the chest!
That ends the Third Quest
The Thief Warband in the Black Mountains led by the Chaos Warrior Gulthor has stolen 3 chests of gold from Prince Magnus, The heroes must retrieve them and give them back to the Emperor!
Gulthor has two goblins patrolling the Entrance with are quickly chopped up by the new Dwarf and Barbarian in the group!
They enter a loooooong corridor and a door in the far end of it. In there they find 2 Orcs having a snack!
The Dwarf runs right in a Spear Trap! And takes an arrow to the knee and loses one Body Point!
The Orcs are easily dealt with and the party continues while the Barbarian is a slowpoke. (Apparently he´s an Emo Barbarian who is a real pessimist! He is sure they will never get out alive)
They wait him in and burst into the next room and runs into two Orcs!
After the Orcs have fallen they discover a corridor with two doors!
The Dwarfs says he smells gold behind this door and boots right into the Torture Chamber and two Goblins with meathooks!
The Goblins met their doom and the Barbarian bursts thorugh the door and falls down a pitfall! AAAHHHH! *Thud* 1 damage! (Hihihi this is funny! :D)
The Elf enters the Torture Chamber and finds a Fimir under the Streacthbench (Looks for treasure)
Meanwhile the Mage tries to make it to the other door but falls into a pitfill! *Mohahahahah!*
While the Mage tries to climb out from the hole, the rest of the party makes an " Ali G gangbang" (Yes thats what they said) on the poor Fimir.
The Mage crawls out of the hole, the Elf jumps over the fall and the Barbarian and the Dwarf faces off with an Orc.
They make a short work of the Orc and enters a study where they find a secret door!
The Dwarf is the first one to go through and check if the coast is clear.
The Mage checks this room for Traps and Secret Door, but finds nothing!
After a long corridor the Dwarf finds a Door! The Barbarian is keeping up the paste and now the Elf is the one dragging his feet behind! 
They enter the room and finds 3 Orcs warming themselves by the Fireplace!
The fight is quickly over and the Orcs are thrown into the fire. Still no sight of the Mage?
They find the Treasure Room full of chests and enemies! Goblins charge! :D
Gulthor yells: Minions do the box! But in the end the Chaos Warrior and the rest of his thieves are put down and the heroes return the treasure to the Emperor and recieves 240 gold as a reward!
End of the Forth Quest
The Heroes must find an Ancient Artifact before the Minions of Zargon!
As always the Dwarf takes the lead!
He finds a Throne room and the Elf finds a long corridor and in the en of it a Mummy!
The Dwarf finds a Secret Door when he touches a key and the Throne slides to the side. Meanwhile the Elf kills of the Mummy with his new Crossbow he bought.... He needs to die!
The barbarian finds a Study room behind the Throne with 3 Orcs inside!
The Barbarian becomes a scared little chicken and runs out to the Dwarf for help! But in the end the Orcs are killed and they continue.
The party has formed a train who intents to run this Mummy over!
The Dwarf finds another Undead who needs a clobbering
While the Barbarian opens Library full of Undead the Dwarf turns the Skeleton to dust.
The Dwarf finds a room with a Cupboard, otherwise its empty
The Combat needed a lot of pointing and Tactics from the heroes 
The Dwarf is a master of finding lonely undead!
The Heroes dont know whcich door to open, they are scared of traps!
They find a room with a Stone Gargoyle and instantly pee themselves! (Almost atleast)
The greed of the Dwarf strikes and behind the Gargoyle a Zombie lies in hiding waiting for a midnight snack!
After defeating the Zombie the Dwarf opens the door and to his terror the Gargoyle starts moving!
The Gargoyle stare down the Heroes as the Skeletons charges through the door! The Heroes destroys them all and leave with the Relic and their lives! 
End of Quest Six!
Hope you enjoyed the reading! :D

Another Zone!

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Imperial Doomtrooper

Kategori: Imperial

So now it was time for Andrew Drougan to get some love. And what a joy he is painting. Much thanks to my friend Rob from Prodos who gave me tips on how to paint Yellow, it turned out amazing! (If you ask me atleast)
He is still WIP but I wanted to give him the oldschool Drougan look with yellow Doomtrooper armor.
So here he is, enjoy!
He is actually turning out so great that my entire Imperial army will rock the Yellow armor! Thanks again Rob! 
He might be finished today, we´ll see ;) 


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----Sensitive players beware! Evil Gamemastering ahead!----
So yeah last Saturday we decided to play a little old school HeroQuest. The guys and I had a couple of beers and aksed me to be the GM. Sure why not! (They would regret it later!! HAHA!)
We started off as you always do. At level 1! The Trial, easy piecy! Stick together, kill the boss and get the money! The Heroes are unaware of the perils and dangers they will face! (No Traps or Secret Doors!)
Lets start then! ;)
The Heroes split up 2 and 2 the first thing they do, the Elf and the Barbarian ends up fighting Goblins in the Torture Room while the Mage and the Dwarf faces of with an Orc in the Study Room!
After the poor little Goblin was put out the Barbarian charges in the next room wielding his Hammers of Wrath (Broadsword) and unleashes a thundering fury (Rolls two attack dices with his Broadsword....). :D
Meanwhile the Mage and Dwarf made a clean house in the Study, The Mage opens the door and fins a Fimir supported by a Goblin. The Mage quickly goes covering in fear in the corner! Yelling pathetic things and crying to the Dwarf for help (All while he prepares his... Shank? Yea thats what the players agreed that the Mage had.)
The Elf and Barbarian makes the process short of the Goblin and while the Elf searches the room, Mr. Hammer Time goes knocking on the nearby door. As for the Dwarf and mage they get in a rather handfull situation.
The Elf found an Orc while searching behind the Altar which he fled from and let the Barbarian take care of. And after the Fimir and Goblin had been shanked and flashlighted(Yes that was apparently the Dwarf weapon, the model had what looked like a flashlight okey? :D) to death, the greedy Dwarf blocked the door from the Mage so that he could search the Weaponrack for juicy loot! While the Mage runs of to find other treasures!
Too the Dwarfs great dissapointment the Weapons on the rack are of poor condition, rusted and chipped! Thats what you get for being greedy! ;)
The Mage opens the door and finds TWO! Chaos Warriors in the Library! YIKES!!!! (Oh a chest, the Dwarf immediately smells treasure!)
While the Mage stands frozen in horror the Barbarian and Elf cleans out another room full of Goblins while the Dwarf slowly makes his way towards the Mages rescue!
One of the Chaos Warriors runs after the Mage, while the other guards the Treasure Chest! He will not stand in the way for this greedy Dwarf! 
While the case and fighting continues the Barbarian and Elf are having a snack in the Dining Room!
Suddenly the GM finds out that a magic door appears in the Magic Room! (Yes I forgot it okey!? ;) ) The Elf runs towards in a runs into a couple of Skeletons. In the meantime the Barbarian have a sneaky plan to undo the chasing Chaos Warrior!
Hiding in the corners waiting for his time to strike, very Barbarian! Hopefully the Mage will duck in time! 
The Plan was a SUCCESS! But the Dwarf is down to ONE Body Point and the Mage comes to his rescue with Healing Water! 
With his renewed strength the Dwarf runs towards the Chest!(Did I mention it was empty? xD) With the Chaos Warrior right behind him! 
The Barbarian has had two struggeling turns of trying to defeat the Chaos Warrior, so the Mage had to rescue him to by shanking the Chaos Warrior while he was busy maiming the Barbarian!
The Elf opens the next door and to his horror finds two Zombies and a Huge Mummy! The are laying a trap for the Heroes(Or preparing for a bufé), who runs to the Elfs help! 
The Elf tries to do a Sneaky move. Using his Pass Through Walls, but end up in another room full of monsters! He is trapped!
The Monsters are defeated, the Elf is rescued!  and the Heroes continue their Quest. 
They reach the final room, The Throne Room where the Evil Gargoyle and his closest men and monsters awaits the Heroes!
The Battle is won the Heroes defeat the Evil Gargoyle but at a price, the Barbarian got four hits at the end by a Chaos Warrior and was killed! Mohahahah! 
We played one more Mission, but I didnt take any photos since we were watching the SC3 Finals from Dreamhack during that mission. But we can say that TWO more heroes were slained by the GMs godlike rolling, their Bane was two Orcs! Which also saved ALL! their armour rolls! It was amazing, and truly evil! Yes I laughed and hold my belly while the Dwarf and Elf both were put down! :D 
Still the remaining two, the Barbarian and the Mage managed to save Sir Ragnar from his Prison! Good job, it was a blast! 
We will try to play atleast once every other week at Saturdays, not just HeroQuest but other games as well like Blood Berets, Resident Evil DBG and so on. Hope you enjoyed the reading and check back soon! ;)