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The Agents Unpacked

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So I got my nerves up when Alex and Paul told me to open the brutalised package and check to content to see if the game was unharmed. And it was! What a joy! Apparently the Swiss had open the package and then resealed it (Poorly). So now I´ve taken some pics to show you this awesome game! 
The Kickstarter Exclusive Black Box! Looks really good to the eye and was not as big as I first thought it would be. Ages 8 and up, for 2-5 players and a playtime between 20--40 mins (So probably 1,5 h for me and my friends!)
Here´s the content of the base game:
Points Tuckbox:
- 40 Point cards
Mission Tuckbox
- 20 Mission Cards
- 8 Commander Cards
- 5 Safe-House Cards
- 5 Player Aid Cards
- 2 Creator Cards
Agents Tuckbox:
- 36 Agent Cards 
- 4 Art Cards
 And on top of the Base game I also got my hands on 4 expansions! One which was a KS Stretchgoal inclusive for all players.
- Black Ops: 12 More Missions
- Mission Critical: 12 More Missions!
- The Special Agents: 20 More Agents
- Spoof Agents: 18 Agents, with a Comical Twist! ;)
Agent Tuckbox
 So here´s some sample Agents from the Base game.The each have an Ability (Bottom) and either a Half arrow or a Number (Top). The Ability they perform when the enter the game and Arrow/Number is how much Intel Points (IP) you recieve from them. The Arrows is worth 2 IP if they are the same colour beside each other and creating a FULL Arrow. If there is two different colours black and white the Arrow is worth 1 IP.
-------What I didnt tell you there is two colours of each Agent? Well there is!-------
 Now here´s where the Double Edge gets in. Depending on which side of the card you place towards you, that is what you get either the IP or the Ability (NOT BOTH) and your opponent get the other one. Simple huh? ;)
Now we continue to the Mission Tuckbox!
 The 8 different Commanders, I choose two at random to show you guys and the rest you can enjoy watching the cool back off! ;)
Here we go with 2 sample Missions. The Point in the corner is how much IP you recieve when completing the Mission.
The Player Aid cards, if you like me have no idea what your doing! ;) A Quick reference card which will be used frequently until I actually learn how to play the game. But as they said during the KS its easy to play and hard to master! :D
And cool Safe Houses like the Rooftop Lair or the Winter Forest Fortress! (I actually have no idea what they do in game)
The two Creator Cards, Steel Shadow (Saar) and The Dark Mechanic (Dan)
The Points Tuckbox
To everyones great surprise the Points Tuckbox is full of Point Cards! 1,2,5,10 and 20. The one with the most Points win the game!
Black Ops Expansion
So yeah, more missions = More Points to score! And a bigger chance you dont draw the same missions everytime you play ;)
Mission Critical Expansion
This is expansion features my favourite art of the whole game, Clandestine, just love that Cult art! ;)
Special Agents Expansion
More Agents, two colours of every Agent here too. This Expansion features some really interesting Agents, like the IP stealing Saboteur and the Rogue who gives you IP for all your assinged missions you havnt fullfilled!
The Spoof Agents
This awesome expansion features the one, the only.... Solid Snake! OH YEAH! Win right there! Yea and also Agents like Spy vs Spy, Archer and Black Widow.
So I hope you liked watching what I spended my money on in August and look forward to seeing some games being played, I know I will! ;)

A Little of All!

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So first of the Razide will get boosted in the new year with this amazing looking sculpt with alternate heads!
Its a really good idea, and I like the purple! ;)
Otherwise progression is going slow at home, soon christmas is here and during the vacation I will probably have a couple of games and have painted up the most of whats left of the Caps. I still wait for the last Heavy Infantry body to be able to assemble it all. So Paul´s Pistonheads can be a full five man squad, 
Mutant Chronicles 3rd RPG
The KS will start in january! Finally!! And me and some of my international friends(Blog Bro Ishi, Gamer Templates Paul,) + Hamilkar have been taling about starting a gaming group over skype and play a session a month. That would be legendary!
The Agents 
So I got my "The Agents" game... BUT!.. It had been badly treated on the way over the atlantic and it looks like the mailman sat on it on his way over here as well. I have mailed Double Edge games but have not gotten any answers yet.I hope everything inside is okey! Here is the shape of the package. 
Thanks for this time!