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More Red!

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So now the first three layers of red is on the armour. Only two layers of red highlight left on the Angels!

Troops stand glued!

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So today I bought the nice pack of Blood Angels Tactical Marines.

Already when I cut them off the sprues and started building them i noticed that they were larger than my old school 2nd and 3rd edition Marines. Could they have made them more like true scale marines??

Scale shot with the new kit and my old 3rd ed. Veteran Sergeant.

Here are two pics of my two troop choices

3rd Company 1st squad

3rd Company 3rd squad

Now lets paint the Priests who will join them!

Blood Angels

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So the work continues on the old school Angels. It so happened that I got myself the old 2nd edition Captain aswell now.

Sadly he didnt come with his old school backpack with a cloak so I just cut some pieces I had around and made a cloak for him.

And then last night I sat down painting with two friends and almost completed the Veteran Sergeants power armour. Four layers in now its just the final highlight left!

Christmas Marines!

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So here I was, thinking about starting a Blood Angels army.. But after starting painting them I was wondering if its just Christmas thats catching up with me ;) The plan is to have a 1000 points list thats done and painted by summer hopefully! Painting atleast one squad per month! Wish me luck!

Space Hulk

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So I have never played this game, not the old boardgame, not the pc game but tonight I had the chance to play the new version of the boardgame and what a Blast it was!!!

The first thing that I see is those stunning Blood Angels and Tyranids, Wow those sculpts! And The tiles and rules are so well done!

And The rules are so simple and easy to dive right into and just purging xenos!

To my opponents big suprise I roll dice like a god and win not just as Genestealers but as Blood Angels aswell as I set the room im standing in on fire and succefully survive the flames and cutting of the Brood before completing the objective!

Mighty fun boardgame with stunning miniatures and amazing yet simple Gameplay! Would love to play again!

Why isnt this sold at GWs all the time??

Blood Bowl

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So I thought that maybe I should finish my Nurgle Blood Bowl team som now I started working on my four Pestigors

Eyegore, Worm n Maggot, Dhabrak Deadeye and Fehrek Foulhorn.

Eyegore will be a killer! A Blitzing Meanmachine!

Worm n Maggot will be a catcher/runner /scorer with his extra head and arm

Dhabrak will be my ball player and passer

Fehrek will be another Blitzer and supporting player

Hope they turn out great!

Marvel DiceMaster!

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So finally I got my hands on a copy of this game! I have read alot about it and that its really hard to find since apparently as soon as it hits the stores it sells out. But now I got it and now we will put it to the test! :D

Guardians of Eden!!!

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So my dear friends on Prodos will work together with World Forge Games who announced that they have a project launching (or releasing?) in 2015 called the Guardians of Eden. They released some info about it today! Guardians of Eden is a new IP set in what can be best described as an 'alternative present', we are introduced to it via the experiences of a 12 year old boy called Josh and a 20-something reporter covering Josh's story, called Holly. Very quickly they find themselves whist away from everything they know. We are passionate about gaming and felt that there was a gap which GoE and its story could fill: Namely, an exciting and dynamic yet simple and intuitive 'Role Playing Game'. A way to introduce new and young players to the joy of RPGs. A joy that can be shared, by a guide, (older sibling, parent for example) and in the comfortable world of now and present, but with more and more twists and turns as the new player becomes more experienced and confident in their adventure.We are at an early stage, but we intend for this game to come as a boxed set with all you need (board, dice, counters and rules etc.), but here's the twist: with a Novel (story book) which explains the world, its differences to what we know and introduces the characters, not least Holly and Josh, but many others, including those you see in our awesome art. Guardians of Eden will be a Role Playing Board Game for 2-6 players, age 8+, a game where 'Dads teach Lads', (for example), the joys of both Adventure Board and Role Playing games. A world of science fiction, adventure, intrigue, peril and fun....So who else is excited for this? Sounds really great and you can expect more updates on this games from me!

Back in the trenches!

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So after a long time I finally got my thumb out and began painting my Imperials again!

More will happen I assure you! ;)

"Dust Off"

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So my friends at Questing Knight is hosting a most exciting event! The "Dust Off" a Dust Tactics event set in the dynamic world of the amazing Paolo Parente! An informative trailer can be seen ---> HERE <---
A cooperation between Paolo, Battlefront and Questing Knight gives you this amazing event!
If you love Dust and want to know more about the event and what it have in store for you check out the Dust Knights Facebook page right ---> HERE <---


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We are all setup with the shop! Come visit us! ;)

Enroute to Gothcon

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Now we are finally on our way to Gothcon. Hope I see you guys there!


WIP Mining Site

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So now I bought the first thing that will result in a Mining Site board for Warzone.

The board "missions" so far is either to kill the opponent like the "Kill them all" mission in the WZR rules and/or the "Get the Artifact" which would demand that a Sqaud spends a turn with the Crane Control Panel for a whole turn. Then the unearthed artifact will be on ground level and a Squad will have to be in B2B with the artifact the whole turn to pick it out and score the points.

Possibly there will be other missions aswell. ;)

And what I have bought so far is ofcourse the Crane ;)

So I will get started during the Holiday with assembling and painting :)

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

X-mas Wishlist

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So around this time every year I put up some things here I want for X-mas so you guys know what to buy me... Right? ;)
First off is an old favourite from last year ( Yea I didnt get it okey!? ;))


 Look at it! The fearfull mask of the greatest Bounty Hunter in a galaxy far, far away! I would wear this all day, every day!
And for the price of a mear 498kr it could be a great holiday gift! ;) 
Can be found here! ( Yes the sites are in Swedish)
The other thing on my wish list is something my wife send me a link to yesterday and said: Admit it, you want this!.... What can I say? She knows me! ;)


Oh yes! Now I could be the softest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy! And feel awesome( Oh thats right, MORE AWESOME) every morning. Just look at it, so fluffy! 
The price comes at 499kr so worth it for something this amazing!
Can be found here!
Thanks for listening to a greedy spoiled Boba Fett loving nerd! What do you guys want for Christmas? :D

Capitol Army

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So here's my Capitol army (whats done)

The Free Marines, Heavy infantry, Purple Sharks, Big Bob and Henry Thomas are WIP.

Freedom Forever!

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So even now after the convention things are happening. This weekend it will be Warzone Weekend at my gaming club where I will play with the other backers and try to get more people to start playing!

Heres a WIP of the Free Marines, almost done!

More about the Convention

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So firstly I got some pictures coming for you then the results of the Seal of Repulsion campaing!
Prodos at the Q&A

The Demo game tables runned by Prodos employes!!
My favourite contribution to the Corporation on Parade competition. And not just because its my friend OffTheSprue who done them! Really good entry!
And here´s my friend Pauls Mishima Meka featuring LED lamps inside the chest! Sooooooo gorgeous! Great work mate!
We´ve seen this guy at the forum before! And next to him is the Tatsumoto!
Mishima Hatamotos!
Brotherhood Troppers if I recall correctly these badboys have also been spotted at the before!
We also spotted some Doomtrooper CCG that also affected the outcome of the Campaign!
The guys are taking a well deserved lunch!

Pieter Diamond and Roberto Feltordo! (Robert Telford....o)
So me and Jay from Paradox, had a really interesting conversation about what we are hoping for the Mutant Chronicles in the future! Hopefully someone will bring back Doomtrooper, until that happens we have Warzone and the RPG are not far away, Chris stated hopefully in December!
So Fredrik "Hamilkar" wanted a match to claim the Brotherhood win in the Campaign, so who am I to deny him!
Airbourne came down and shot a hail of rockets at Hamilkar. Yea didnt work in this match either. I totally forgot about the Shotgun Template then I would have hit em all... Now I only got through with one wound on him.
Then this happened. Engaged with Hamilkar, 3 dead... yay....
During the rest of the the game.. which I lost for your information! Hamilkar and the Judicator are two really good pieces! Good win Fredrik!
So during the game Alex took some pictures for me! Nice guy Alex! Haha. Here´s Paul recieving a prize for his awesome Meka! Good job mate, well deserved!

And here are the three finalists in the Cosplay competition! Mark stated that Cosplay werent as sexy as Alan had told him haha! Placings were from left to right, Trencher (I believe he was) First place!, Archangel Third place! And the Blood Beret Second place! Great costumes guys! Congratulations!
For the Seal of Repulsion conclusin we got this!
The Dark Legion has decimated the Corporations forces and would have destroyed them if not for the Brotherhood who has gained a great influence in the Telford Warzones, The Corporation blamed for the Legions foothold in Telford are the Capitols. Their failure to deliver has allowed the Legion to raise a Dark Citadel and now has great influence in this Warzone.
Is this the beginning of the end?
And yes I know some of you guys are dying to see some AVP, well here we go then!
So who else is looking forward to this? Kickstarter soon? Only time or Prodos would tell!

So here´s what i got and for my gaming club 3 gorgeous rulebooks for the club and one for me. And ofcource more of the lovely KS stuff, we still had not seen. Except all the card which we will probably see in a week or two!
Ofcource I got my rulebook signed!

Mark wroted, To Seb! My fellow young blood!
Thank you guys for signing my book. Really appriciate it!
I also bought this amazing Soulslayer artwork! So awesome! Can´t wait for the model!
So the guys signed this to and Mark asked me if I just wanted an autograph or something silly, and ofcource i wanted something silly!
Yea Mark, you so funny! And Michael don´t seems to like me ;)
In the package! Finally some cards! YAY! But not all of them just a bunch of Bhood cards and the Imperial Doomtrooper ( YES!)

So this is what I bought! Heavy Infantry (Paul said they were amazing and I believe him, he won his match I didnt!) And Henry Thomas! Now when I get back to Sweden I can hopefully kick some ass!
Lastly thanks to Prodos, Questing Knight Games, STAGS gaming club, Mophideus, Paradox and everybody else who showed up! This was a great day of Warzoning at I hope we only grow from this!

The Light has arrived!

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The forces of the brotherhood has arrived! Lead by Hamilkar they have pushed the legion back! Two of the warzones are now under the Brotherhood control!
May the light save us!

Not as planned

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So we had big plans for tonight, having a couple of beers with Fredrik and the Prodos guys.
But unfortunatly it wont happen. Both of us realised to late that its was a 2 hours walking distance between our hotels ( Yea I agree, we should have looked it up sooner ;) ) and the Prodos guys have worked their asses of to get everything here for the Convention so I understand if they are a little tired! ;)

So instead I've been spending the evening reading this amazing rulebook!

Its just amazing! This is the best and most gorgeous rulebook I ever had a chance to get my hands on!

I know what you want to know. The answer is, I'm not gonna tell you what the new units are. You have to find out for yourselves! ;)

Each of the "Factions" pages are beutifuly detailed with differently artwork and layouts mirroring their different styles.

The Capitol layout has a Fallout Vault feel with the blue and yellow, really nice detailing!

When you get your hands on this, you wont regret it! Its so great one book to rule them all!

Off to QK

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So woke up 3 hours ago and have taken a shower and stuffed myself with an awesome breakfast!
Soon we're heading out in Telford too find Questing Knight Games ;)

All you guys who have waited for the game we are about to have, heres a little info. Questing Knight has given us playtime between 10.30 - 13.00. So hopefully we might even fit two games. They points per side will be 500 and are the same forces we will be using at the Convention on Sunday.

In this icecream box lies my capitol troops waiting to see battle. You will see them soon enough ;) They game will be documented and but up on the blog as soon as I get back to the hotel! :D

Here's what I see from my window.Haha the curtains almost make it feel like a prison haha.

So the plan for today is firstly QKG then we're exploring, we'll try to find the Convention area and in the evening we'll spend some time with Prodos and our dear friend Fredrik "Lord Inquisitor Hamilkar" and having a few beers!