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So firstly I got some pictures coming for you then the results of the Seal of Repulsion campaing!
Prodos at the Q&A

The Demo game tables runned by Prodos employes!!
My favourite contribution to the Corporation on Parade competition. And not just because its my friend OffTheSprue who done them! Really good entry!
And here´s my friend Pauls Mishima Meka featuring LED lamps inside the chest! Sooooooo gorgeous! Great work mate!
We´ve seen this guy at the forum before! And next to him is the Tatsumoto!
Mishima Hatamotos!
Brotherhood Troppers if I recall correctly these badboys have also been spotted at the before!
We also spotted some Doomtrooper CCG that also affected the outcome of the Campaign!
The guys are taking a well deserved lunch!

Pieter Diamond and Roberto Feltordo! (Robert Telford....o)
So me and Jay from Paradox, had a really interesting conversation about what we are hoping for the Mutant Chronicles in the future! Hopefully someone will bring back Doomtrooper, until that happens we have Warzone and the RPG are not far away, Chris stated hopefully in December!
So Fredrik "Hamilkar" wanted a match to claim the Brotherhood win in the Campaign, so who am I to deny him!
Airbourne came down and shot a hail of rockets at Hamilkar. Yea didnt work in this match either. I totally forgot about the Shotgun Template then I would have hit em all... Now I only got through with one wound on him.
Then this happened. Engaged with Hamilkar, 3 dead... yay....
During the rest of the the game.. which I lost for your information! Hamilkar and the Judicator are two really good pieces! Good win Fredrik!
So during the game Alex took some pictures for me! Nice guy Alex! Haha. Here´s Paul recieving a prize for his awesome Meka! Good job mate, well deserved!

And here are the three finalists in the Cosplay competition! Mark stated that Cosplay werent as sexy as Alan had told him haha! Placings were from left to right, Trencher (I believe he was) First place!, Archangel Third place! And the Blood Beret Second place! Great costumes guys! Congratulations!
For the Seal of Repulsion conclusin we got this!
The Dark Legion has decimated the Corporations forces and would have destroyed them if not for the Brotherhood who has gained a great influence in the Telford Warzones, The Corporation blamed for the Legions foothold in Telford are the Capitols. Their failure to deliver has allowed the Legion to raise a Dark Citadel and now has great influence in this Warzone.
Is this the beginning of the end?
And yes I know some of you guys are dying to see some AVP, well here we go then!
So who else is looking forward to this? Kickstarter soon? Only time or Prodos would tell!

So here´s what i got and for my gaming club 3 gorgeous rulebooks for the club and one for me. And ofcource more of the lovely KS stuff, we still had not seen. Except all the card which we will probably see in a week or two!
Ofcource I got my rulebook signed!

Mark wroted, To Seb! My fellow young blood!
Thank you guys for signing my book. Really appriciate it!
I also bought this amazing Soulslayer artwork! So awesome! Can´t wait for the model!
So the guys signed this to and Mark asked me if I just wanted an autograph or something silly, and ofcource i wanted something silly!
Yea Mark, you so funny! And Michael don´t seems to like me ;)
In the package! Finally some cards! YAY! But not all of them just a bunch of Bhood cards and the Imperial Doomtrooper ( YES!)

So this is what I bought! Heavy Infantry (Paul said they were amazing and I believe him, he won his match I didnt!) And Henry Thomas! Now when I get back to Sweden I can hopefully kick some ass!
Lastly thanks to Prodos, Questing Knight Games, STAGS gaming club, Mophideus, Paradox and everybody else who showed up! This was a great day of Warzoning at I hope we only grow from this!


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