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Prodos answers Question about Chronopia

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So the question came out, fantasy fans are worried about the new rumors about a certain game and asked Prodos if they had intentons to "Ressurect" Chronopia or even Confrontation.
Here is their answer!:
Atm we have enough on our plate, AvP is the priority at this stage, we are so, so close, we can barely contain our excitement. And, we have other projects coming soon, there’s Guardians of Eden and another one (something that you can play in the Pub! and have a huge fun with it! Can’t wait for that). We have however postponed several other projects; AvP and WZR Imperial are the main 2015 focus. Fallout, I can say won’t happen. We are big fans and had big plans, but it’s not to be. We are happy with our two big and current licences, other projects for the foreseeable will be licences free, our own IP (Like GoE)! So, to answer the question, Chronopia is not on the Prodos agenda for 2015 or 2016, and unless things change significantly, indefinitely!
So Prodos had plans for a Fallout game that sadly wont be hapening! Sure is a shame, but they do see to have their hands full for the coming year!


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