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Guardians of Eden!!!

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So my dear friends on Prodos will work together with World Forge Games who announced that they have a project launching (or releasing?) in 2015 called the Guardians of Eden. They released some info about it today! Guardians of Eden is a new IP set in what can be best described as an 'alternative present', we are introduced to it via the experiences of a 12 year old boy called Josh and a 20-something reporter covering Josh's story, called Holly. Very quickly they find themselves whist away from everything they know. We are passionate about gaming and felt that there was a gap which GoE and its story could fill: Namely, an exciting and dynamic yet simple and intuitive 'Role Playing Game'. A way to introduce new and young players to the joy of RPGs. A joy that can be shared, by a guide, (older sibling, parent for example) and in the comfortable world of now and present, but with more and more twists and turns as the new player becomes more experienced and confident in their adventure.We are at an early stage, but we intend for this game to come as a boxed set with all you need (board, dice, counters and rules etc.), but here's the twist: with a Novel (story book) which explains the world, its differences to what we know and introduces the characters, not least Holly and Josh, but many others, including those you see in our awesome art. Guardians of Eden will be a Role Playing Board Game for 2-6 players, age 8+, a game where 'Dads teach Lads', (for example), the joys of both Adventure Board and Role Playing games. A world of science fiction, adventure, intrigue, peril and fun....So who else is excited for this? Sounds really great and you can expect more updates on this games from me!


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