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So here´s Holly!

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'Small time news reporter, Holly Leaver, gets the scoop of a lifetime when her boss asks her to report on yet another ‘And finally!’ story. Her report, ‘The boy that can fly!’ goes viral, grabbing the world’s attention. It looks like she’s hit the journalistic jackpot when she tracks the boy down to the sleepy suburbs of a British seaside town.' 

Troops stand glued!

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So today I bought the nice pack of Blood Angels Tactical Marines.

Already when I cut them off the sprues and started building them i noticed that they were larger than my old school 2nd and 3rd edition Marines. Could they have made them more like true scale marines??

Scale shot with the new kit and my old 3rd ed. Veteran Sergeant.

Here are two pics of my two troop choices

3rd Company 1st squad

3rd Company 3rd squad

Now lets paint the Priests who will join them!

Blood Angels 1000 pts List

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So here I present to you, my 1000 pts Blood Angel army list with the new 7th edition codex!

Brother Corbulo                                                                       -120 pts
Sanguinary Priest, Boltpistol                                                     - 61 pts 
5 Tactical Marines, Meltagun, Veteran Sergeant, Meltabombs     -165 pts
5 Tactical Marines, Heavyflamer, Veteran Sergeant, Auspex      - 170 pts
Meltabombs, Razorback       
6 Death Company, Powerweapon x 2, Powerfist, Razorback        - 240 pts
6 Sternguards, Combimelta, Powerweapon, meltabombs             - 242 pts
Razorback with lascannon and twinlinked plasmaguns
                                                                                      Total : 998 pts

With a total of 24 models and 4 tanks I really think it will go well with painting it and it feels like 1000 pts matches will go quick and easy! Now off to the paintstation!

Blood Angels

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So the work continues on the old school Angels. It so happened that I got myself the old 2nd edition Captain aswell now.

Sadly he didnt come with his old school backpack with a cloak so I just cut some pieces I had around and made a cloak for him.

And then last night I sat down painting with two friends and almost completed the Veteran Sergeants power armour. Four layers in now its just the final highlight left!

Christmas Marines!

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So here I was, thinking about starting a Blood Angels army.. But after starting painting them I was wondering if its just Christmas thats catching up with me ;) The plan is to have a 1000 points list thats done and painted by summer hopefully! Painting atleast one squad per month! Wish me luck!

Prodos answers Question about Chronopia

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So the question came out, fantasy fans are worried about the new rumors about a certain game and asked Prodos if they had intentons to "Ressurect" Chronopia or even Confrontation.
Here is their answer!:
Atm we have enough on our plate, AvP is the priority at this stage, we are so, so close, we can barely contain our excitement. And, we have other projects coming soon, there’s Guardians of Eden and another one (something that you can play in the Pub! and have a huge fun with it! Can’t wait for that). We have however postponed several other projects; AvP and WZR Imperial are the main 2015 focus. Fallout, I can say won’t happen. We are big fans and had big plans, but it’s not to be. We are happy with our two big and current licences, other projects for the foreseeable will be licences free, our own IP (Like GoE)! So, to answer the question, Chronopia is not on the Prodos agenda for 2015 or 2016, and unless things change significantly, indefinitely!
So Prodos had plans for a Fallout game that sadly wont be hapening! Sure is a shame, but they do see to have their hands full for the coming year!

Space Hulk

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So I have never played this game, not the old boardgame, not the pc game but tonight I had the chance to play the new version of the boardgame and what a Blast it was!!!

The first thing that I see is those stunning Blood Angels and Tyranids, Wow those sculpts! And The tiles and rules are so well done!

And The rules are so simple and easy to dive right into and just purging xenos!

To my opponents big suprise I roll dice like a god and win not just as Genestealers but as Blood Angels aswell as I set the room im standing in on fire and succefully survive the flames and cutting of the Brood before completing the objective!

Mighty fun boardgame with stunning miniatures and amazing yet simple Gameplay! Would love to play again!

Why isnt this sold at GWs all the time??