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Blood Angels 1000 pts List

Kategori: Blood Angels

So here I present to you, my 1000 pts Blood Angel army list with the new 7th edition codex!

Brother Corbulo                                                                       -120 pts
Sanguinary Priest, Boltpistol                                                     - 61 pts 
5 Tactical Marines, Meltagun, Veteran Sergeant, Meltabombs     -165 pts
5 Tactical Marines, Heavyflamer, Veteran Sergeant, Auspex      - 170 pts
Meltabombs, Razorback       
6 Death Company, Powerweapon x 2, Powerfist, Razorback        - 240 pts
6 Sternguards, Combimelta, Powerweapon, meltabombs             - 242 pts
Razorback with lascannon and twinlinked plasmaguns
                                                                                      Total : 998 pts

With a total of 24 models and 4 tanks I really think it will go well with painting it and it feels like 1000 pts matches will go quick and easy! Now off to the paintstation!


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