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Not as planned

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So we had big plans for tonight, having a couple of beers with Fredrik and the Prodos guys.
But unfortunatly it wont happen. Both of us realised to late that its was a 2 hours walking distance between our hotels ( Yea I agree, we should have looked it up sooner ;) ) and the Prodos guys have worked their asses of to get everything here for the Convention so I understand if they are a little tired! ;)

So instead I've been spending the evening reading this amazing rulebook!

Its just amazing! This is the best and most gorgeous rulebook I ever had a chance to get my hands on!

I know what you want to know. The answer is, I'm not gonna tell you what the new units are. You have to find out for yourselves! ;)

Each of the "Factions" pages are beutifuly detailed with differently artwork and layouts mirroring their different styles.

The Capitol layout has a Fallout Vault feel with the blue and yellow, really nice detailing!

When you get your hands on this, you wont regret it! Its so great one book to rule them all!


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