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Off to QK

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So woke up 3 hours ago and have taken a shower and stuffed myself with an awesome breakfast!
Soon we're heading out in Telford too find Questing Knight Games ;)

All you guys who have waited for the game we are about to have, heres a little info. Questing Knight has given us playtime between 10.30 - 13.00. So hopefully we might even fit two games. They points per side will be 500 and are the same forces we will be using at the Convention on Sunday.

In this icecream box lies my capitol troops waiting to see battle. You will see them soon enough ;) They game will be documented and but up on the blog as soon as I get back to the hotel! :D

Here's what I see from my window.Haha the curtains almost make it feel like a prison haha.

So the plan for today is firstly QKG then we're exploring, we'll try to find the Convention area and in the evening we'll spend some time with Prodos and our dear friend Fredrik "Lord Inquisitor Hamilkar" and having a few beers!


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