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X-mas Wishlist

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So around this time every year I put up some things here I want for X-mas so you guys know what to buy me... Right? ;)
First off is an old favourite from last year ( Yea I didnt get it okey!? ;))


 Look at it! The fearfull mask of the greatest Bounty Hunter in a galaxy far, far away! I would wear this all day, every day!
And for the price of a mear 498kr it could be a great holiday gift! ;) 
Can be found here! ( Yes the sites are in Swedish)
The other thing on my wish list is something my wife send me a link to yesterday and said: Admit it, you want this!.... What can I say? She knows me! ;)


Oh yes! Now I could be the softest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy! And feel awesome( Oh thats right, MORE AWESOME) every morning. Just look at it, so fluffy! 
The price comes at 499kr so worth it for something this amazing!
Can be found here!
Thanks for listening to a greedy spoiled Boba Fett loving nerd! What do you guys want for Christmas? :D


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