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Warzone KS Update

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So here is the latest update from the Warzone Kickstarter. Some of the info is really interesting to read, like how many hours they have spend with certain things! :D
" Hi guys, we are almost there with shipping! only 80 to go! And they will be shipped Monday/Tuesday next week.

Now the Q&A

1. Prodos, My post code is not on the list below, when will my Parcel arrive?

If you parcel is not on the list below there are 3 possibilities:

A. It will be shipped Monday/Tuesday

B. It is already in transit (sent through "drop and go" service, so we will get only confirmation once the parcel is delivered) 

C. If your parcel is not delivered by 15 of January please contact, we will then track it for you.

2. Prodos I got my stuff but I have some missing pieces!

In most of the cases we are aware of missing content but to clarify:

A. We have ran out of templates due to malfunction of our Laser Cutter, the templates are getting outsourced and we should have them in the beginning of Jan for 2nd wave.

B. Heavies and Diorama, getting printed as we type this post, they are scheduled in Jan for 2nd wave. 

C. KS exclusive cards, designed and in print. 

D. Some cards were damaged in transit to us, so we ran low on stock, they are in print for 2nd wave.

3. Prodos my friends got they orders, why its taking so long to ship it all. 

This one is a bit difficult to answer, so let me put this way, we are working with Licensed product, meaning that, as a small company we cannot over man as some of the profit goes away to the License owners, so we have to be careful with our business plan, manpower for packing parcels and importantly to make sure we have left some cash  for  future Warzone investments (like Imperial).

So we do what we can to make sure we won't blow the budget.

There are a couple of issues we have had during fulfilling of the KS which we do not plan to repeat: 

A, 120K cards sent in several packages, completely out of any Faction order - supplier misunderstood our needs...

B. Our passion for Warzone exceeded our intentions and we ended up with 4 times more product to make after KS than we originally planned.

4. Prodos in numbers in the last 10 months of Warzone: 

1. Produced 50K+ models

2. Used 400 moulds (300 Kg of silicon!)

3. 2560 work hours on sculpting

4. 200000 words of Rulebook

5. 3200 work hours on casting

6. 3000 3D print hours

7. 250 unique models designed

8. 120000 cards with 450 unique designs

9. Imperial Corpbook development almost completed (25k+ words)

10. 2 Tons of Urethane plastic transformed in to miniatures!

11. 113 KFC large buckets and over 500 Redbulls consumed (they should become our sponsors!) + countless cups of coffee.

Here is where it gets funny, after KS we were looking to outsource a bit of our manufacturing, and every company (in Europe and in China) we went to said to us: "no way you will make 54 different units (almost 250 unique models) in 6 months, that will take 2.5 years to develop and manufacture, at least..." so big wave to the unbelievers ;]

Why I am sharing this with you? Just imagine what we can do in another 12 months for Warzone! 

5. Will AvP affect Warzone?

YES it will! as someone said "Customers will know us for AvP but they will love us for Warzone!". We will cater to fans of both games and we will never stop developing Warzone as long as we are allowed to.

Thanks again for all your support and Happy Holidays.

We are here through Xmas so feel free to contact me at

Jarek "


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