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Convention Update!

Kategori: Warzone

So here are some exciting news about the Seal of Repulsion campaign at the convention! :D
Convention update : Just to clarify ONE of the events, the one day Seal Of Repulsion campaign: Drop in event, you need 500pts of CURRENT WZR models, so basically a starter set and some if you can squeeze it in, for this event figures do not have to be painted. You play as many games as you wish to play on the day on the allocated tables and then hand your results in to the Keeper of records. At the end of the day all results will be finalised to see which corporation/ faction has come out with the best % of results, THIS RESULT IS IMPORTANT as it will be affecting something interesting that will be happening next year  So get ready to RUMMMBLE in the Telford Warzones! Its all about Corporate/ Faction pride and having fun on that day !
Now this is something to really look forward too! ;)


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