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New info about WZR convent!

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Seal Of Repulsion!

Enter into the fray of battle and represent your Corporation in this one day campaign.


Your Corporation needs YOU!

One day Seal Of Repulsion campaign Event:

The Seal of Repulsion campaign will be a one day "turn up and play" event.

  1. Each entrant will play for one faction with a WZR force from that faction.
  2. Each entrant will be allowed to play as many games as they can for their faction against other factions.
  3. Each factions wins and losses will be recorded throughout the day and at the end of the day an "overall" faction winner will be announced.
  4. All entrants are asked to bring with them the following items: a WZR 500pt force, dice required and gaming items such as tape measure and templates

One day Seal of Repulsion Campaign rules:

1. All models used MUST be Prodos WZR models, no other warzone models are to be used.

2. All models used MUST be on the recommended WZR base size as per the Prodos WZR rule set.

3. All forces entered must be of up to 500pts, and organized to the current WZR offensive organization table as per the Prodos WZR rule book.

4.Please be aware that the event organisers decisions are final in all game decisions.



WZR Painting Competition:



1.  Single model or vehicle only


2   Small model on  base size of 30mm base


3.  Medium models on 40mm or 50mm base


4.  Large models on 80mm+ base size



Conversion work MUST be comprised of at least 75% WZR product; the other 25% may be other manufactures parts, putty, plastic card, etc.


Corporations On Parade

Corporations on Parade is your chance to plan, collect, model and paint a WZR force, display it on a minimum sized display/terrain board measuring 12" x 12" up to 24" x 24" in size and show it off at the convention, everyone at the convention will have the chance to vote on which corporation on parade is best and an overall winner will be announced.


1.  The corporation/faction force entered can be of any size from one squad up to and including multiple squads/vehicles/monsters.


2.  Entries may include multiple corporations/factions in conflict on the display.


3.  All figures/vehicles/monsters/terrain etc. entered on the displays must be fully painted and based.


4.  Conversions entered must abide by the painting competition conversation rules.


CosPlay Competition

Cos players are welcome to the WZR Convention and encouraged as their passion for their hobby is creating elaborate costumes based on the very characters that make up the WZR/Mutant Chronicles universe.


Please feel free to come in your favourite WZR character costume but please abide by the following guide lines:


  1. ALL weapons carried MUST BE of a "prop" standard.
  2. No active weapons to be carried. ( This means no sharp edged weapons and no loaded weapons such as Nerf Guns or water Guns or blank firing weapons).
  3. NO open weapons to be carried OUTSIDE of the main event hall. Security will stop you! If you have to carry a weapon too and from the hall please have it concealed or covered at all times.
  4. No costumes that are considered too provocative or allow nudity as this convention is a family event and children maybe present, if you are unsure of this please send a picture of the proposed costume to the event organisers for double checking.

There will be a Cos-Play prize for best costume on the day judged by the event organisers.

ALL decisions made by the event staff in all tournaments/campaigns/compitions are final and subject to rules and regulations for the day.

ALL decisions made by the event staff in all tournaments/campaigns/competitions are final and subject to rules and regulations for the day.



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