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The Eagle Has Landed!

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The Warzone Ressurection models arrived! Almost everything came along, except the Airbourne Cavalry pack since it was some misunderstanding about the order but thats fixed now and the are on their way! 
So what do you say, should we have a look at the models? Okey lets do it!
Heroes of Capitol
 Mitch and Pride
Big Bob Watts
Troops of Capitol
The Light Infantry
 The Free Marines (Troops with Big Bob as Warlord)

Capitol Support
 Martian Banshees
Capitol Light Veichles
 Purple Sharks
Exclusive Models!
 Andrew Drougan Blood Beret Doomtrooper

I also have an unpacking picture of my gaming clubs packages ;) 
THE JOY!!!!!! :D

All of these minis are stunning and full of gorgeous details! Hope my skills with the brushes is enough to do them justice! I even have my colourscheme ready in my head, a lot of thought has been put down to get this colourscheme to work with the way I play. More about that tomorrow! 
My friend Ishi has also received his pledge get over there and look at his Bauhausers and Dark Legion forces. Do it here:
He also have an Unboxing video at his youtube page:


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