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Tournament List

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If I were to play in the Convention Tournament The Seal Of  Repulsion (Which I sadly won´t) this is the list I would play, hope it would stand up for the competition. Here it comes!
Mitch Hunter,  7th "Phantom Brigade" Spec-Ops Battalion ( -2 RS to Enemy models targeting all friendly Capitol Troops and Support)

5 x Airbourne Cavalry with M50 Fragmention Ammo (Shotgun Template)
5 x Light Infantry
5 x Martian Banshees
The list ended at exactly 500 points! Woho!
So here´s what I was thinking. Choosing Mitch as my warlord for both the Fragmention Ammo to the Airbournes to drop down where I want them to wreck havoc on the battlefield. And also to get the Phantom Brigade power, without any Medics in the squads and with so few units they need all the help they could get staying alive. The Infantry and Banshees get to keep the Standard Ammo to hopefully give Mitch some covering fire. 
So what do you guys think any tips?


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