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Q&A with Questing Knight Games

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So here´s some questions answered by Questing Knight Games (The store that will be having the Convention with Prodos).  Lets begin!

Q: What does Warzone mean for Questing Knigtht Games?

 A: Warzone Resurrection is a very important product for us on both a personal and business level, the product has a massive and proven pedigree. We see Warzone Resurrection as a product that will have massive development potential and will be able to provide gamers with a great gaming experience.


Q:. How has the resurrection of Warzone affected QKG? 

A: The sheer amount of excitement and enthusiasm has been so high in store it's been unbelievable, for us it will mean a big product investment of time and resources  that will give the product the support it deserves.


Q: How is the Warzone Convention planning going?

 A: The convention plan is going well, this is new ground for us and luckily we have a fantastic team at S.T.A.G.S. wargames club that is supporting us and Prodos in the organisation. we are facing new challenges such as making the convention as fan interactive a possible, the list of events we have so far such as the one day campaign , painting compitions, Mutant Chronicles RPG games  will make this convention a fantastic experience.


Q: Is this your first big event? 

 A: No this is not our first big event to do with Warzone, in the past we have done some really big games for Warzone and run some huge campaigns, our player base for Warzone Resurrection is big we have some 30+ players locally and this number is growing fast, all I can say at this time is "watch this space" we have plans for some massive games on 30ft long tables and  huge campaign!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE - Here´s an old article from Chronicles Era #2



Q: If the Convention is a success, will it be a yearly Convention?

 A:We would like it if Prodos would allow  us to do more conventions and yes I would like to see this become a yearly event tied into other events that we run so that we can help give the Warzone resurrection community great gaming experience's.


Q:  Do Prodos and QKG have plans for other gatherings like tournaments and other competitions?

 A: Good question, i can't say too much at this stage but can tell you that we have been working with Prodos on some ideas for tournaments next year and some more events. We hope that this convention allows us to show Prodos what we can do for them  and showcase this product, one thing i can say Prodos are one of the best companies QKG has ever worked with and we have i think a great working relationship.


Q:What other games are big at QKG? Im guessing you have a relation to WHFB, especially Bretonnia?

 A: Warhammer and 40K are of course big games here and we do also have a large "Historical" gaming following at our club, yep the Bretonnians are a very popular army!


Q: And finally, what Corporation/Legion/Faction is QKG hoping to see in Warzone Resurrections Second Wave?

 A: Personally i want to see the forces of  Muwhajie come to the gaming tables soon, but of course lots of people are waiting for the forces of Imperial to arrive that will cause a huge response here when imperial do come out and one we all are looking forward too.



Thank you very much for giving me your time to answer my questions, will be seeing you guys in November! ;)


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