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Almost out of time!

Kategori: Capitol

Feels like Im almost out of time, I fly to England on Friday and Im so nervous! In a good way ;) The Bases arrived today and with a special model as well. Didnt mean too order him.. yet. Wanted him as a Hero for my Muawijhe army. Scarecrow from Arkham City. I havnt opened the package yet since I just came home from the cinema. But hw looks like one fine mini! ;)And here's something requested by Mr.Sanders aka Blue Shark. He wanted to see a picture of the brown I painted on my minis and the guns. I forgot the wash on the metal but I'll fix it in the morning. I love the brown on the guns, giving them an AK look. Again here I wanted some contrast from the camo to make it more interesting to look at. I think it looks great! ;)


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