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So yea I promised OffTheSprue to tell you guys (And him ofcource! ) about my Colourscheme! I been putting alot of thought about it and asking myself what Tactical Trainings I will use in my army.

Ranged Trainings

1 st "Bulls Eye" Battalion. I will try this, +2 in RS on all Troops and Support sounds very well.
But this training had little effect on my scheme, there are more interesting trainings ;)

21 st "Desert Fox" Battalion. This one I really like, all Troops and Support Squads gains the Camoflauge (2) rule!
So yea major spoiler now, they will have camouflage clothing. ;)

Close Combat Trainings

7th "Phantom Brigade" Battalion. Enemy models targeting friendly Troops and Support gains -2 RS. This will hopefully let my boys live a little longer! ;)
So what I took from this is Phantom and it turned into black armor!

Those are probably the Trainings I will try first, feels like "Safe" choices. And now to what you would like to know the colourscheme is.....

Urbancamo clothing with black armor and Im going for red lenses and glasses for the Infantry/Airbourne Cavalry.. I think it will look really great! ;)


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