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Resident Evil is dead, Long live Resident Evil!

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So some time ago (Last week) I found out that Resident Evil DBG had been discontionued, so I just had to buy the last two expansions to complete the set!
The Mercenaries is the newest "Expansion" it can also be played by it self since all the card you need is in there, so I guess its not really an expansion. It could how ever be played with all off the other boxes to! As the name hints this expansion is all about Mercenary mode, where the players are in teams 1v1v1 or 2v2 to get the biggest Combo score of defeated infected in a row in 15 turns. In the mansion you then add the Bonus cards which could add on turns and boost the points of the Infected in your Combo. 
Mercenaries also brings in new Skill cards and XP to add further deep to the game play and Characters, XP can be spent on your Skill and on Weapons or your Actions.
Solid Expansion and Standalone game, the best box in all the Set. No crappy weapons, fast gameplay and awesome Characters.
The Third Expansion is a really small expansion, 150 cards only. Outbreak! Which allows players to play a forth playmode, Outbreak mode. In Outbreak mode lots of the Infected in the Mansion have the Infection skill which infects the Characters with the T-Virus and fasten the Transformation, if a Character gets 10 Infection points the Character have now TURNED into an Infected and starts attacking their former friends or enemies again with special Infect cards. New Characters, new Weapons a great new Mansion deck and a lot of Actions who add further depth to the whole Outbreak gamemode. Seems really funny and we will try it out next time we play!
See you guys!


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