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RE: Outbreak

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So in this post its all about the Resident Evil DBG expansion Outbreak, which is all about spreading the infection!
The Expansion gives us 150 new cards, dividers and Health loss and Infection Tokens.
New characters who fit the Outbreak mode perfectly, either with great Outbreak skills or familiar faces from the old playstation 2 Outbreak games. 
A lot of new and exciting Infected are in the Outbreak Mansion, many of them have the Infection skill which will increase one or all players Infection level! Once you reach 10 Infection Points you have turned into an Infected and start attack the other players, and they have to defeat you before they can carry on in the Mansion!
So the new Outbreak mode is a dangerous mode indeed, if you are not careful your character will get infected and slowly turned into a Zombie. Either into one of the cards below if you are not playing Excella, Wesker or Krauser since they already have Infected cards in previous mansion deck. Be afraid, be very afraid since Excella and Wesker are both the bosses in those Mansion decks!
Once your Character has turned you get access to the Infection cards to attack and use on the other players, if you can´t win no one shall right? ;)
Really excited to try this Mode out, the new Mansion seems really hard and there are a lot of theme in this set!


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