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RE: Mercenaries

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Mercenaries, the best part about Resident Evil 4. Now we have a whole set (Sadly the last set ever) dedicated to this amazing mini game! The DBG version is much like its Console brother, pick a character and have a certain amount of time to get the job done. In the DBG it is 15 turns to get a higher combo than the other team (2v2), or other players if you play free for all (1v1v1 or 1v1v1v1). 
You get a Combo when you or your team defeats Infected in a row, so if you both defeats an Infected in your turns then the Combo continues, if in any of your turns you fail to defeat the Infected the Combo ends and you count the Combo. The Combo points is the total Decoration cost times the number of Infected in the Combo pile.
Your team is being dropped right in the middle of the Infected horde and must fight them til the times run out, trying to get such a high combo as possible!
 The 8 new Characters are really good, each of them only have one Level. But one ability is all you need since the team will get Decorations together in Mercenaries, but instead of another ability this Expansion introduces Skills. Each player get 5 random skills at the beginning of the game where you can pay XP (also a new addition to this set) to get the Skills power! You get ONE XP everytime you explore and can get XP by other means aswell.
So to get the Medic Lv.1 Skill you need to add one of your Characters XP to it and then its active. To get the Hangun Technique Lv.3 you need to spend 6 XP to get it active!
It also includes three different Mansion, with three difficulties.
The Cult. This is the easier or the three, the Los Ganados and the Los Iluminados!
Tribal Technology. The Medium difficulty with Tribal Majini, Base Majini, Crocodiles and Snake.
Majini Rock. The Hard deck, Town Majinis, Chainsaw Majinis, Motorcycle Majinis, Big Man Majinis and Adjules.
In all the decks the Red Executioner shall be shuffled into it, as the "Big Boss" of the decks!
In Mercernaries, even the ammo is better than in previous editions!
The Basic Resource Knife and Gun have been Upgraded to. Much better than the base set!
Most of the weapons are better and funnier to play with then the ones in previous editions!
Mercenaries got super sweet Actions to, everything is to destroy for the other team and boost yourself or your team! 
This is the best box set of Restident Evil, as I´ve said its the last one. But hey maybe you should quit while on top!? 
See you around!


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