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So since we got together talking about bloggs in the WZR forum on Facebook I now decided to write in English, so they get what Im up to!
So when the WZR finally hits my apartment, this blogg will mostly be about that. What I think about the models, how I will paint them and the results. 
But I will still update about my WIP and the other games I play and will play once I get ahold of them!
Things I play
40k - Iron Warriors
Bloodbowl - Migthy Mammoths (Norse)
Resident Evil DBG
Kult the RPG
Mutant Chronicles RPG 2nd Ed.
Things I WILL play
Bloodbowl - Punchbags (Nurgle)
The Agents (Est. Delivery - November)
WZR!!! (And lots of it I hope, hopefully the guys at my gaming club will love it as much as I do!)
Mutant Chronciles RPG 3rd Ed.
Cadwallon City Of Thieves (Once the models are painted!)
Necromunda (If the interest returns to my gaming club)
I would also like you guys to check out the links to my friends bloggs too! 
And since I will get some more people visiting I will make a little remodeling at the blogg to make it more easy to the eye too ;)


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