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So I havnt even gotten my Caps yet but I got plans to upgrade them from 800pts to a 1000pts army. And now I need your help and tips on what to add/remove from the list!

The 800pts list is:

Warlord :
Big Bob Watts, 1st " Bulls Eye " Division 250pts

Troops :
5 x Airbourne Cavalry, with Medic 110pts
5 x Airbourne Cavalry, with Medic 110pts
5 x Free Marines, 1 x M606 LMG 105pts

Support :
5 x Martian Banshees, with Medic 125pts

Light veichle :
2 x Purple Sharks 100pts

800pts sharp!

I also added the Imperial Doomtrooper. . Yes just one.. Smart of me I know. So he will come with the Caps.

Since Im going to Telford for the Warzone Convent ( What you didnt know? ;) ) I think I'll buy some more to fill the ranks of the Caps, so now any suggestions? :)


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