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More Iron Warriors

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So Im repainting my old Iron Warriors that I painted when first started collecting them roughly six years ago. Back then I was lazy, just basecoating them black and drybrushed silver and gold on them.

But when I got the Dark Vengeance box I couldnt paint like that anymore.. I want to be a better painter, not just taking shortcuts making the models look "meh" to be able to play with them painted.

So I got some tips from two of my friends who are really good painters and now I will never go back to just drybrushing. This looks so much better, and dont take so long to paint after all.

Chosen WIP. The plastic is easier to paint than the old metal models.

Warsmith WIP. Being repainted, the silver and gold areas have gained some repainting. The silver will get a black ink wash and another silver layer.

Exalted Champion WIP. Same as the Warsmith, just wanted to show off some more minis :)


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