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A Request!

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A friend asked me if I could glue together his Wood Elf Battalion for him, as thanks he would buy me lunch some day.

Good deal right? I am a hungry man after all. ;)

So begin gluing together the Glade Guards, not so much problem there. . just think they have really small bases! Hard to get a good formation in the ranks and such.. Still went OK ;)

Command squad of the Glade Guards

Skirmish Glade Guards

Then after the sucess with the elfs I try my luck with the Dryads.. Im still just TWO in!! Jesus!!! These guys/girls(tree-things) have so small limbs!! And just one foot on the base, they fall over all the time while I try gluing them on the base..

They Dryads from HELL! ;)

Note to self, Dryads are not worth a lunch!


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