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Wow.. Here´s an Update!

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So yeah. I had my schedule full but now!
Finally an update! 
So first off I had a demo game at my local club last Sunday to learn the other backers from my club how to play! What I first saw when coming down the had put these up on the walls!
Ah For Her Serenity! Mmmmm Young Guards ;)
So it was My Capitol against our Mishima (+B-Hood) player. Was a fun game since I hadnt met them before. It was a rather exciting game which I won in the end. ( We quit when he had Hiroko, Meka and 3 Ronins left and I had 2 Banshees, Mitch, 5 Light Infantry and 4 Airbourne Cavalry left! ;) ) Sorry I cant show any pictures but the club had a break in where they stole all the electronics, like the TV:s and the camera with the pictures. 
New updates on the AvP
First off they will change the Invite a friend add-on if we reach 2000 backers to "all pledgers of 'In the Pipe' get an extra £10 of extras for free."
And a picture of whats included in the box!
And now the Egg "Objective Markers" are realesed as an add-on!
And so far so good, the next strechgoal is a real baby stretch!
"As many of you know Mark (and wife) of Prodos Games is expecting a baby!

We were hoping to give this one out as a present when the baby came, but obviously some people are upset about the £185K Stretch the present announcement comes early:

When baby comes and if we are above £170k everyone at 'Payback Time!' or higher will get an additional £10 of addons.

Add-ons are on Mark

Come on Baby! Make Mark pay...... "


Congratz mate! Third times the charm! ;) 


So progress is slow, atleast when I look at how fast some of you are working!
Big Bob Wip!

Hes a real joy working with! Big areas and not to much details, but he´s still turning out really really good! 
And here´s something a brought home from Telford! 
Paul Rist of Paul´s Pistonheads WIP
The Squad Commander of my Heavy Infantry Paul is a tribute to my friend who told me they were the shit and a must have in Capitol, so now he has to lead them in battle! I really like the sculpts and the bulkiness! The huge guns arent drawback either!
And now something for the Legion!
Scarecrow from Batman Arkham Asylum will be my Muawijhe Heretic Hero

He´s one truly amazing sculpt in metal! Yay! I just thought he would be a great addition to the army, when the come in the future but he arrived a little bit early ;)
And lastly I will share some pictures of the WZR cards I have right now.. Waiting for loads of more ;)
The Imperial Doomtroopers cards.. So good ;)
Martian Banshees cards, something I will see if the are a must have in the deck!
And Check Out
If you need or want Gaming Templates check out Gaming Templates on Facebook, really amazing and gorgeous personal templates! 
Thanks guys! How are you holding up with WZR? Are you backing AVP? ;)


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