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New books will arrive, Ilian and Imprrial might be two different books and the others might get new books aswell with new units.
Probably trenchers in the the Imperial starter, blood berets will arrive and hopefully the Young Guards (Since they are Mark´s favourite unit and mine as he stated!) and Hurricane Walker in a new look!
The Chronicles "magazine" will be a internet articles on the webside! With Rob who will be featuring painting guides and how to play armies (Hopefully not with Rob)
The heavies will be really detailed and will probably be seen in 3-4 weeks.
AVP it will be a boardgame, and the have had the licenses almost eaqually long. It will be awesome. It will be used to be promote the warzone Resurrection!
The missions and objections will be the focus of the game.
Dark Eden will come later. There are lots and lots of things that will come out before DE!
The Mecurian Maculator will hopefully come sooner than later to Alans great delight!
Reminder Prodos didnt excist in the beginning at the start of this year and look at all they have done!
Thank you Prodos, Questing Knight and Stags!


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