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Invite a Friend update!

Kategori: AVP

So if you invite a friend to the AvP KS both of you will recieve a Model of your choice for free*!

*"So if you get a friend to pledge £75 or more and then post your KS name below, you will both get a model on 40mm base or less of your choice for free.

Will you go for a Alien Warrior, medic, the sergeant or a predator

Will they have a predator hellhound, the female pred or maybe facehugger?

Get more friends to pledge and shout you, you get more free models!

The last pledger was number 873, the new person has to have a higher number than that! New pledgers, you can be the inviter too!"


More Freebies, the more firends you have the more minis you can get!



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