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Im a Goddamn Hero! + Update on AvP

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So another glorious update on AvP! 
The Wargame book is now unlocked and is available as an Add-on!
The next Stretch Goal is for Cloaked Predators (£220000). Each of the 5 designs will be available at £10 each (including the Berserker and Female) 
Pictures of the AvP openday can be found here: By the nice guy Jason Barlow!
We now have all the Q&A from the Q&A here in text for you guys who dont have time to watch the video!

Interchangability: The models in the game have limited variability and so pose-ability. The add-ons have lots of variability What’s Polyurathene plastic. Strong and flexible [Jarek shows bending of the Pred Spear]. Uses only super glue. Most like ‘resin’. We’ve made 50k models so well experienced.

Square size on board: 1.5 inch. The resin scenery will have the same, but that can be removed by the modeller if they wish. The board is in the finalising stage and so when we get samples they will be shared for feedback Wargame/Board Game.

Board game 

basic rules: ‘plug and play’, simple rules. You go I go etc. Following the narrative

Board advanced game: You pick your force and choose levels of you models. Higher the level the more it costs, but equally the better it is AND you can build your own hero.

Wargame: 10-30 models (depending on faction, Predator less models), works in squads. You go I go etc.  Fairly similar rules to WZR. Plans for Minimum 12 different squads per faction. Lots of stats. Very cinematic.

High Res images of Models?: Coming soon!

Known characters: Licence does not allow film characters. We are hoping for approval for heroes from the old AVP arcade game.

What is only KS: Special Ed board game (box, models in resin)

What’s happening with Warzone: Illian and Imperial are coming shortly [Jarek shows some sneaky peeks of AVP]

Balancing: Prodos uses a system for both systems (WZR and AVP). Jarek developed this when working as a consultant in the computer game industry. Also the game includes environment effects which will make the game very different.

Levels: Each model is ‘levelled’ so a high level Model will be more powerful and with more special rules AND extra actions. So a Level 5 Predator may have 5 actions per turn, whereas a low level marine only 2.

How much resin scenery do I need for the boardgame?: 1 should suffice as there is much more card boards tiles than you actually need.

Customisation for the marines: At the moment the marines in the box and in the KS addon are as is, but all Prodos models are interchangeable. We will look to increase custom options.

Can we cross over WZR and AVP: Prodos can’t and won’t endorse that. The games are both based of the Prodos Gaming Systems, so if a person wants to bridge the gap it should be doable, but that’s their choice.

Why are the board tiles so similar: the board game is set on the ‘Theseus’ and so the terrain will and should reflect this. But further expansions could happen in certain other locations. The ‘Theseus’ has been infected by the Aliens so that is reflected in approx. 50% of the ship tiles.

What plastic will the retail version use: They will be multipose, but simply so. And hopefully made of styrene

What about civilians?: We will have them, but not on the KS.

Future Plans?: We expect that there will be more and more units, squads and variant. It’s not a flash in the pan, instead an ongoing game system with a long and large pipeline of products and plans

Resin Terrain: will be available after KS. If we move to plastic they will need to be redesigned

How many players: ideally 3, but 1+. Can be a sandbox I player: Marines or Predator vs Alien. Aliens controlled by cards and flowchart. Survival, last man standing, defend the post etc. There is skill involved as well as obviously luck.

More predators?: There are 5 already and we will hopefully offer head variants. And can be reposed easily using hot water followed by cold.

Powerloader?: Yes

Queen facehugger?: maybe

Weyland Yutani? yes But if its cool and playable in time yes!

More ranks in the colonial marines?: Yes

What Quality will the Board tiles be?: They will be at least most recent edition Space Hulk.

Will future expansions be in resin?: Yes in the main

Will the rules PDF be released on the 28th?: we will release when they are ready. Rather out at Prodos Quality than less and quickly There will be a forum.

[Jarek shows clear resin prototype of Predator]

Next expansion: The Theseus will crash, then there will be a Jungle expansion. Additionally, lots of little expansions a bit like ‘X-Wing’.

Prometheus?: We don’t have the licence for the Prometheus franchise.

Will the Queen be the egg layer or the mad fighting machine?: Mad fighting machine, but more to come.

And yes now you must be wondering why Im a goddamn hero right?! 
Yesterday I did some more demo games of WZR and atleast two more are now hooked on the Warzone Resurrection! Hells yeah! More people to play against! ;) Warzone Hero Number One! 
But Im not the only one who´s a hero. Check out Rob´s awesome posé ala Badass Colonial Marine Motherf****r!
Yea Aliens and Preds be afraid! Be very afraid!


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