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Convention Summary

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So got home this morning at 3am. Kids woke me up 6.30 how I've missed them! And I was only gone for three nights! My little girl is organizing at my nerd place now that I´ve gotten home with more stuff!

I bought a Henry Thomas modell which I have now heavily converted!!!
Notice how much work I´ve put in to change the Bolter and M50! LOL! Haha no, sorry Andrew I just though it looked better ;) No the heavy conversion was a joke :D

Anyway I think now I can relax and actually write something that makes sense!

Btw Alex how could you not find the convention without my help? It had a sign! ;)


The convention was actually opened up by the mayor! Wow that was awesome, he posed with a sword for the pics but got scissors to cut the "ribbon" or whats it called.

It was roughly around 80 people that actually came around, great turnout since they thought it would be around 50!


Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition RPG

Then after the convention had opened we got Chris to explain the RPG and answer some questions about the Kickstarter and about the rules etc. So he asked us if we wanted to testplay the new 2.0 system, and why would we say no?

So the system is really interesting with the GM:s Dark Symmetry pool (we played it in the middle of the table so all could reach) with which he can spawn and activate monsters, change the enviroment with blinking lights and stuff like that. He also said it would work better with a glasbowl and that they hoped to do a Dark Symmetry goblet during the KS so everyone hear each time a dice go in the pool, nice thinking Chris!

If you are trained in a skill you get to roll two D20s to try passing the test your given, with only one sucess on the dices you get a sucess and you complete the task and also the GM gets a Dark Symmetry die since you also fail with one die roll. If you fail both two rolls two dices go into the pool, however shoul the dice spot a 20 (A fumble) and extra die is thrown in the Symmetry pool. So if you fail both and one is a fumble three dices are thrown in the pool. 

Further more, when you try to do actually pull things off and the lights are flickering you are under fire or somethings like that, it gets harder to actually pull it off. So you could get a -3 dice modifier since its hard to hit anything with your gun. Then you could pay two Dark Symmetry dice to the pool to get a normal roll ( If I got it correctly).

Now I will take up the Chronicle Points, with which you can alter a roll in Character Creation or succed with a roll however impossible it seems. Chris´s example was: If you´re carrying your wounded friend on the shoulder, running and shooting at a horde of Undead Legionaires and have to jump over a chasm to escape. Pay a Chronicle Point and you did it! 

He said that possibly you will start with 5 Chronicle Points in Character Creation so you could spend all your points in the creation too get a better character but then you used up all your "luck"!

And lastly I will tell you about.... Spaceships! Yes they will finally be in a spaceships MC and you could be the owner of one! So the Characters will be able to spend points and experience in the ship and can develope skills that makes you better. Chris also stated that you could take a loan to upgrade the ship, but you never know who you owe money too!

Skills example: Pilot -> Space Pilot -> Mishima Dogfighter   Yea this was just an example ;)

Thank you Chris for the talk and the Game Session! Look forward to the Kickstarter that we will see once Achtung Cthulu KS has sent out the last orders!



So it was a Warzone day after all! Lots and lots of models and beutiful terrain! Talked and met up with Prodos and alot of people from the forum that I can finally put a face on! Thanks it was great meeting you guys! 

So whats to say that you already dont know... The Rules are fantastic! All I have to do is rid my mind of all 40k thinking, like moving the entire squad before shooting and things like that. The new units are awesome and the Mishima ones are the best both rulewise and in miniature ( Only spotted the artwork but still). 

These rules makes the battlefield feel more alive and every soldier have his chance to shine and for the player to develop his own tactics with every single one of his soldiers not just squads! You want to name them, give them personalities and most importantly you will mourn their deaths! As I said before its the best miniature game I´ve ever played, it has it all beautiful models, amazing rules and most important of all a great community! 

In the Seal of Repulsion campaign the Dark Legion came out to a strong start and got a 3 points lead before the Light landed to help the Corporations in the struggle. The Brotherhood then passed the Dark Legion an took the lead. But in the end of the campaign it was a tie until the last match which gave the Dark Legion their victory. The Corporation who got they blame for the loss with the worst win rating was Capitol! (Why are you guys pointing at me!) So now we have to see what the have in store for the campaign and storyline! Really looking forward to see it unfold!



So who here is excited for AVP? Now we got the KS announce date and I give you some pics!

So two days then its on! See you there!


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