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Boom! Soon only 2 hours to go!

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With roughly around two hours to go on the AvP Kickstarter we have reached (right now when i´m writing) 350 631£!! Thats crazy!! Which means that the Predator Ship KS exclusive are unlocked! Also the Weyland Yutani Commandos are now available for you to add-on for 15£!!
And if we get to £370000 Prodos will make the Board Tiles in the main game double-sided and add 5 new Missions! Probably like Capture the flag and such awesomeness!

AND as I said we are very very close to unlocking the 2000 backer Add-on, for which all backers of 'We're in the Pipe' or higher get an additional £10 of free add ons. 

So get in there before its to late!


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