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AVP The Hunt Begins!

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So now the Kickstarter is live! 20 days it will be on! 35k dont feel so far away! 
Go back it now! 
Info from KS page

1. What is AvP?

The Alien, Predator and AvP franchise is a highly successful science fiction horror movie series (spanning a massive 10 films) about the battle between humankind and two malevolent extra-terrestrial species; the Aliens and the Predators. The franchise has spawned novels, comics, toys, clothing, computer & video games and now this, AvP The Miniatures Game…The Hunt Begins…

Some great details on these badboys! 
 2. What Xenomorphs (Aliens), Colonials and Predators will the AVP Miniatures Game include?
And here is what will be included!
If you have seen or read about an Alien or Predator type, piece of equipment or human or cyborg concept in any Alien, Predator or AvP film, comic, novel, computer or video game, toy or any other cannon and its cool it is likely that it will be part of AvP The Miniature Game range either now or in the near future.
This will be one hell of a fun game! If you dont want modular corridor tiles try this then!
Resin terrain set! Lovely! :D
And if you feel like your old dices are failing you, try these good looking ones out!

3. What is the AvP The Miniatures Game.

The Boxed Game AvP – The Hunt Begins is a self-contained gaming experience, a fusion of mission and narrative driven Board Game and Table Top War Game. A family game where 1 or more players can sit down and play through their own narrative and develop their own characters and objectives over many inter-linked games. Or players can sit down and play a ‘free for all’ with games like ‘Survival’, ‘Last human/Alien/Predator standing’, ‘capture the objective’ etc. filling an hour or two of your evening or raining Sunday afternoon.

But equally AvP – The Hunt Begins is a portal into the AvP Wargame, which will allow you to play as a Battalion of Colonial Marines, an entire nest of Aliens or a Hunt of Predators. The free AvP Wargame will be available to download and will be available in hardback form when the appropriate stretched goal is unlocked.


4. How does the Board Game AvP The Hunt Begins play? 

- 1+ players (yes, you can play or your own!) 

- D20 Dice System - Narrative and Mission Based 

- Alternative Model Activation (I go, you go, she goes, my next model, your next, etc.) 

- Models gain ‘Experience’ as the narrative progresses which unlocks new special skills etc. 

- 30 Missions cards with 3 unique missions per faction, each has to complete its own goal to win. 

 - Random events and objectives represent the environment and its effects. Lights or gravity may fail, acid burns could make the floor or duct liable to collapse or an explosion could open or close avenues of escape. 

- Tactical Cards for each faction 

- Longevity – Expansion packs with new characters, Aliens, Predators and equipment

- Additionally there will be a ‘free play mode’ (Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, Defend the Post and many others)

5. How does the AvP Wargame work? 

- 2+ players - D20 based on the Prodos Wargame System 

- Alternative Squad Activation (you go I go etc.) 

- Create your own special characters etc. 

- Army construction – each model has its own points value dependent on the Model type and experience level! (levels from 1 to 5) 

- Narrative games allow characters and models to gain ‘Experience’ to level-up 

- 50 Missions cards (at three levels) 

- Tactical Cards for each factions (120 in total). 

- Scalability (1 to 100s of models per side) so you can play for example 1 Predator against a Platoon of Colonial Marines or a whole Battalion of Marines vs a Hive of Aliens) 

- Longevity – New Alien, Predator and Marine types with special rules, mission and tactical cards will be introduced over the coming months and years.

6. The Game setting, Intro and Story…

The Board Game will be set between the "Alien" and "Aliens" movies.

Wayland Corporation has dispatched the ship “Theseus” into space. Its primary objective to populate the Mining Planet, LV-669, with a workforce of Convicts and genetically modified beasts of burden (to be used for labour and food). The convicts are guarded by a detachment of Colonial Marines and the ship has a strong contingent of Medical Cyborgs. All the humans and animals are in stasis. Whilst in transit, the “Theseus” receives a new order

+++Investigate potential Xenomorph infestation on Planet LV-426+++- -+++extract samples+++ +++ 

The Cyborgs alter course as defined. The ship arrives and sets orbit around LV-426. The medical crew extract ‘Alien Egg’ and ‘Facehugger’ samples from the surface. When they report back they are directed to propagate and incubate the xenomorph samples. They utilise a percentage of the Theseus convict and animal cargo to complete their directive. Putting infected ‘cargo’ back into stasis. Once the new directive is complete theTheseus resets its course to dock with the Wayland Medical Station orbiting Earth. During the return flight, a facehugger escapes the med-bay to get sucked into Power Turbine Cooling System, where it is macerated. The acid-blood quickly destroys the Turbine and breaches the ship’s hull. The Main Power Grid and communications are compromised; hence no communication with Wayland HQ is possible. The majority of the cargo is awoken from stasis with the loss of power. A number of key personnel, the Colonial Marines included are still in stasis, due to secondary power supply grids. After a while the Xenomorphs appear and a short battle between convict, cyborg and Alien ensues. The outcome is inevitable. Meanwhile, a small conclave of Predators has detected the ‘Alien Nest’ and forcibly boarded the Theseus, damaging the computer systems keeping the Marines in stasis. A fire ensues… 

+++fire detected+++ +++stasis-end protocol initiated+++

And here are the stretch goals! How low can we go? ;)
I think we´ll hit the bottom! Prodos might even have to add some goals! 


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