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AvP Models Update

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So here´s an update about the models and the objective markers for the Aliens and Predators! The markers would make great terrain pieces too!
Eggs! Eggs everywhere, really great details! Two closed, one empty and one crawling out.. 
Predator Objective Markers
These are really nice! But people has asked for atleast one alien head on top, its AvP after all!
Female Predator
Now this stunning model, just wow! The Details are amazing! I really like the spear and wrist blade. Thankfully she has the helmet on. ( So its probably just two pred minis i have to paint the face on!)
We also got the pricing on new stuff! 3x young blood £25, Power loader £15, Cloaked Predator is a £10 piece
Prodos stated in the KS update: - Royal Guard tomorrow (read today) along with Marines Mission tokens concept and Cloaked Predator! 
I have been thinking on the paint scheme for the AVP minis, and you guys will probably not like this ( If your really hardcore fans atleast). I was thinking red skin for the preds and yellow armor. And the Aliens were to be green and almost turning white in the edges! So thoughts on that? ;)


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