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AvP KS Update

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WOW! This is moving fast with £90k just broken!
So alot have happened under the soon 24 hours its been live!
The Female Predator has been unlocked and is now available as an Add-on!
For £10 she is yours!
The beautiful PredAlien is also available as an Add-on!
Big Bob´s cigar smoking AvP Stunt Double.. No the Marine Sergeant has been Unlocked!
The Facehuggers are now inculded in every starter!
5-9 Facehuggers depending on your pledge!
Now we have broken 3 Stretch Goals and gotten and Freebie. The Alien Warriors and the other Freebie (Look below) is not far away!
So here´s the other Freebie! Or Bonus Streatch Goal if you want! ;)
Prodos, my hat is off! This is one beautiful game! The models are astonishing ( I know I felt them and seen them in person, check these photos below)
Soon 19 days to go and much more stretch goal to break! 


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