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30h then, Game Over Man!

Kategori: AVP

So only 30 hours left on the AVP KS!! If you have no ide what it is get in there now! Its full of goodies! Here´s they newest chart and the newest StretchGoal! 
Now every pledge of We´re in the pipe.. and up will get a Royal Guard (Alien Queen Guard) for FREE!!!! This model will be 80mm tall. (They compare it to the Hive Tyrant from 40k) And also the highest pledgers will get an additional free Predator Berserker model.
Some things that have been unlocked is the:
Colonials Power Loader!
The Predator Young Bloods (These won´t be available in clear resin during the KS)
And lastly the final stretch goal (For now) is the Bitch herself, The Alien Queen! 
This big ass alien will be 120mm tall and fielded on a 80mm base! Wow thats huge! It can be yours for 35£ if we reach the final stretch in 7,5k!


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