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Some Light on White Star!

Kategori: MC RPG

For those wondering about White Star... Here´s a little something!
The Russian's that remained looked down on the families that abandoned their homeland, those that remained were often the common people, and families that decided to remain and protect their motherland. Whilst other nations collapsed the people of Russia endured as they have done before. 
The White Star battle barges overhead and the Night Hussars land amidst the Razides with their bone swords swinging! The Hussar's are kicked out of the Bunkers when they come of age and must survive 7 days and 7 nights amidst the brutal sub-zero temperatures of the nuclear winter and the creatures that prowl the night. Killing by their bare hands on the first night, they will forge the bones of their victims in to the swords that they will carry to their death...!
Though the White Star Battle Barges and Tunnellers are filled to the brim with eager brother's in service to their beloved Tsarina, it is the Hussar's that catapult themselves far in advance of their forces, competing to be right amongst the most deadly and numerous of opposition. Disdaining all firearms, the bone swords never leave their sides and are cut from vast creatures that hunt men across the ancient steppes of Earth. Now where White Star makes it mark these creatures fear to tread...



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