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New MC Update!

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 So Chris has added all of the cool t-shirts at their site. ->HERE<- 
This is an exampel of the awesome Cartel T-shirts!
This add-on is yours for 20£, just add it to your pledge and wear it at your gaming sessions! ;)
And Chris also showed us some new and exciting art. Art of spacecrafts!!! OMG SO COOL! :D
 But thats not all! We unlocked the Capitol book so here´s some Capitol ships for you!
Here's a Capitol Aero-Fighter which is capable of engaging targets as far as near orbit for limited periods. You can see the familiar Capitol wings on the fuselage. These craft were one of the first designs to be converted in the chaos of the post Dark Symmetry years.
This Capitol transport was one of the more modern ships in the fleet before the Dark Symmetry struck, able to carry large numbers of passengers and cargo between ground based installations and near Orbit locations.

Another more detailed look on all five of the Heretics! Plus the new Twisted Marionette!
OH LORD! Those Heretics looks real awesome!!
The Marionette is formed when the Dark Symmetry corrupts the systems of a ship or building and forms mockeries of the human form from the cables and ducting. Terrifying to encounter because you just don't know where to shoot!
Also! The Dark Soul book is now unlocked! What can we expect next!?


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