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The Line Defense!

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After the success with the first trencher and the brilliant scheme on the NCO, I will do all "Trenchers" in that scheme instead and repaint the first one I made.
I thought I would start painting everyone at once since they all have same uniforms and hoping to save some time, which meant I would get to start to paint Rist to and WOW! He is turning out lovely! I have not yet dared to destroy my dear friend Rists face yet! What do you think about the scheme so far? Will throw up a pic of dear old Drougan to, so you get a hint at how the Blood Berets and Special Forces will look like!
Like this, but with the grey from the Trenchers trenchcoats on legs and arms! ;)


  • Walle säger:

    We want more!

    2014-05-12 | 21:15:05

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