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Imperial PDF and My Secret Project

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So earlier today the Imperial Pdf rules were released. You have red them right? Thats what I thought :) Its something really new and exciting very different from the other corps, you can if you want play them as 3 armies!! 
Ministry of War - Trencher, Berets and the such.
Wolfbanes - Clansmen and Mourningwolves and the likes of these.
Or you could combined them and play them together!!
I really loved the rules for Imperial, their Gas, Gasmask and Medal system really gets my interest and I have already made up an army and what Medals I will use. But that we can talk about when I have the army! ;)
Also my friend Rist has his own Character in Imperial now, look him up he´s a super cool character!
If you havent seen the rules you can find them here :
Now you remember that secret project I was talking about? If you look at the front page you might see my name under the "Emblem Design Team"
Yes, thats right me and Rist were helping Prodos with the emblems, I did design and Rist cleared them up and made them more even, he also did some of the designs. Then Michal did his magic and wow the results are amazing! :D Check these out! 

The Blood Berets logo. Classic with a skull, works really good!
The Golden Lions Logo, looks almost like a shield with a ferocious lion. Dig it!
In the back of the book are more logos for other special forces can you guess which is which?
Oh and who is this mysterious leader for the Terror Eagles?
Prodos also wanted us to know what to expect next ;)
Coming soon: Wolfbanes, Storm Trenchers, Imperial Special Forces, Young Guards, Necromower, Barracudas, Grey Ghosts, Bauhaus Bully and Expanded Build Your Own Hero PDF for ALL Factions!


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