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Imperial is growing!

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So last night we got new recruits for my Imperial army, a squad of Golden Lions and a Hurricane Walker joined the ranks of my Imperial Line Defenses.
The Golden Lions bring an amazing CC potential to my army which is sofar pure Ranged with buffs from NCOs and Rist. So no change to my usual tactics since I am a ranged player in all games I play. But having a GL unit either Infiltrating or Rapid Deploy could be a real ace! 
The Hurricane Walker is a shooting beast from hell! RoF 6 on his Mega Charger and a Heavy Chimney (Gas Weapon) as a secondary weapon. Not to mention the Trencher Nest upgrade which gives you additional weapon with RoF 5 cause of the Trenchers hidding behind sandbang on top of the walker! It also buffs your models within 10" and can un-burn three Resource cards!
A little scale shot
Everything put together sofar, just the Blood Berets that awaits some parts! (Oh and awaiting the nest for the Hurricane!)
Next step is to basecoat them white! Woho!


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