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Warzone KS Update

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So here is the latest update from the Warzone Kickstarter. Some of the info is really interesting to read, like how many hours they have spend with certain things! :D
" Hi guys, we are almost there with shipping! only 80 to go! And they will be shipped Monday/Tuesday next week.

Now the Q&A

1. Prodos, My post code is not on the list below, when will my Parcel arrive?

If you parcel is not on the list below there are 3 possibilities:

A. It will be shipped Monday/Tuesday

B. It is already in transit (sent through "drop and go" service, so we will get only confirmation once the parcel is delivered) 

C. If your parcel is not delivered by 15 of January please contact, we will then track it for you.

2. Prodos I got my stuff but I have some missing pieces!

In most of the cases we are aware of missing content but to clarify:

A. We have ran out of templates due to malfunction of our Laser Cutter, the templates are getting outsourced and we should have them in the beginning of Jan for 2nd wave.

B. Heavies and Diorama, getting printed as we type this post, they are scheduled in Jan for 2nd wave. 

C. KS exclusive cards, designed and in print. 

D. Some cards were damaged in transit to us, so we ran low on stock, they are in print for 2nd wave.

3. Prodos my friends got they orders, why its taking so long to ship it all. 

This one is a bit difficult to answer, so let me put this way, we are working with Licensed product, meaning that, as a small company we cannot over man as some of the profit goes away to the License owners, so we have to be careful with our business plan, manpower for packing parcels and importantly to make sure we have left some cash  for  future Warzone investments (like Imperial).

So we do what we can to make sure we won't blow the budget.

There are a couple of issues we have had during fulfilling of the KS which we do not plan to repeat: 

A, 120K cards sent in several packages, completely out of any Faction order - supplier misunderstood our needs...

B. Our passion for Warzone exceeded our intentions and we ended up with 4 times more product to make after KS than we originally planned.

4. Prodos in numbers in the last 10 months of Warzone: 

1. Produced 50K+ models

2. Used 400 moulds (300 Kg of silicon!)

3. 2560 work hours on sculpting

4. 200000 words of Rulebook

5. 3200 work hours on casting

6. 3000 3D print hours

7. 250 unique models designed

8. 120000 cards with 450 unique designs

9. Imperial Corpbook development almost completed (25k+ words)

10. 2 Tons of Urethane plastic transformed in to miniatures!

11. 113 KFC large buckets and over 500 Redbulls consumed (they should become our sponsors!) + countless cups of coffee.

Here is where it gets funny, after KS we were looking to outsource a bit of our manufacturing, and every company (in Europe and in China) we went to said to us: "no way you will make 54 different units (almost 250 unique models) in 6 months, that will take 2.5 years to develop and manufacture, at least..." so big wave to the unbelievers ;]

Why I am sharing this with you? Just imagine what we can do in another 12 months for Warzone! 

5. Will AvP affect Warzone?

YES it will! as someone said "Customers will know us for AvP but they will love us for Warzone!". We will cater to fans of both games and we will never stop developing Warzone as long as we are allowed to.

Thanks again for all your support and Happy Holidays.

We are here through Xmas so feel free to contact me at

Jarek "

A Little of All!

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So first of the Razide will get boosted in the new year with this amazing looking sculpt with alternate heads!
Its a really good idea, and I like the purple! ;)
Otherwise progression is going slow at home, soon christmas is here and during the vacation I will probably have a couple of games and have painted up the most of whats left of the Caps. I still wait for the last Heavy Infantry body to be able to assemble it all. So Paul´s Pistonheads can be a full five man squad, 
Mutant Chronicles 3rd RPG
The KS will start in january! Finally!! And me and some of my international friends(Blog Bro Ishi, Gamer Templates Paul,) + Hamilkar have been taling about starting a gaming group over skype and play a session a month. That would be legendary!
The Agents 
So I got my "The Agents" game... BUT!.. It had been badly treated on the way over the atlantic and it looks like the mailman sat on it on his way over here as well. I have mailed Double Edge games but have not gotten any answers yet.I hope everything inside is okey! Here is the shape of the package. 
Thanks for this time! 

Imperial Doomtrooper

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So now it was time for Andrew Drougan to get some love. And what a joy he is painting. Much thanks to my friend Rob from Prodos who gave me tips on how to paint Yellow, it turned out amazing! (If you ask me atleast)
He is still WIP but I wanted to give him the oldschool Drougan look with yellow Doomtrooper armor.
So here he is, enjoy!
He is actually turning out so great that my entire Imperial army will rock the Yellow armor! Thanks again Rob! 
He might be finished today, we´ll see ;) 

Free Marines Update + The end of AvP

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So here´s where I´m at with the Free Marines I did want to give them all the same skin tone since they are (Except for characters) the only minis with skin showing in the army.
One redish "sunkissed" skin, a darkbrown skin tone and a more yellowish to bring out more character to them and for me to test my skinpainting skills. Yes I agree not the best pictures, will try to get better later!
And to the AvP KS which is now successfully funded, it ended at £379k and all the juicy stretch goals where met! And the 2000 backers goal was also unlocked. 
We unlocked the Predator ship set and the extra Pred tiles to the main game, as well as the W-Y Commandos, the free markers and doublesided board tiles.
And the 390k stretch goal Prodos were nice enough to give us anyway! Which was!............
An add-on for £5 if we break the £380k Goal. 4 Guns (flamer x2 and smartguns x2) with arms, 1 alternative Sergeant head and 2 different Predator heads.

Quick Update

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So now Big Bob Watts is done! Finally, now all he needs is a base! Too bad my superglue disappeared at my gaming club. 
And now I took time reading the "gift" I got from Mark in Telford, The Chronicles The New Era #1
The thing I was most curious about was this, and I cant wait til it comes to WZR! (If it does)
The Rotary Shotgun, yea thats one hell off a shotgun! ;)

Fly on the wings of Freedom!

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So here's the "Purple" Shark WiP! Red seats, to ride like a king! ;) Its not finished yet. Comments about improvements so far? So looking forward to the Sanders "Blue Shark" Character!

Wow.. Here´s an Update!

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So yeah. I had my schedule full but now!
Finally an update! 
So first off I had a demo game at my local club last Sunday to learn the other backers from my club how to play! What I first saw when coming down the had put these up on the walls!
Ah For Her Serenity! Mmmmm Young Guards ;)
So it was My Capitol against our Mishima (+B-Hood) player. Was a fun game since I hadnt met them before. It was a rather exciting game which I won in the end. ( We quit when he had Hiroko, Meka and 3 Ronins left and I had 2 Banshees, Mitch, 5 Light Infantry and 4 Airbourne Cavalry left! ;) ) Sorry I cant show any pictures but the club had a break in where they stole all the electronics, like the TV:s and the camera with the pictures. 
New updates on the AvP
First off they will change the Invite a friend add-on if we reach 2000 backers to "all pledgers of 'In the Pipe' get an extra £10 of extras for free."
And a picture of whats included in the box!
And now the Egg "Objective Markers" are realesed as an add-on!
And so far so good, the next strechgoal is a real baby stretch!
"As many of you know Mark (and wife) of Prodos Games is expecting a baby!

We were hoping to give this one out as a present when the baby came, but obviously some people are upset about the £185K Stretch the present announcement comes early:

When baby comes and if we are above £170k everyone at 'Payback Time!' or higher will get an additional £10 of addons.

Add-ons are on Mark

Come on Baby! Make Mark pay...... "


Congratz mate! Third times the charm! ;) 


So progress is slow, atleast when I look at how fast some of you are working!
Big Bob Wip!

Hes a real joy working with! Big areas and not to much details, but he´s still turning out really really good! 
And here´s something a brought home from Telford! 
Paul Rist of Paul´s Pistonheads WIP
The Squad Commander of my Heavy Infantry Paul is a tribute to my friend who told me they were the shit and a must have in Capitol, so now he has to lead them in battle! I really like the sculpts and the bulkiness! The huge guns arent drawback either!
And now something for the Legion!
Scarecrow from Batman Arkham Asylum will be my Muawijhe Heretic Hero

He´s one truly amazing sculpt in metal! Yay! I just thought he would be a great addition to the army, when the come in the future but he arrived a little bit early ;)
And lastly I will share some pictures of the WZR cards I have right now.. Waiting for loads of more ;)
The Imperial Doomtroopers cards.. So good ;)
Martian Banshees cards, something I will see if the are a must have in the deck!
And Check Out
If you need or want Gaming Templates check out Gaming Templates on Facebook, really amazing and gorgeous personal templates! 
Thanks guys! How are you holding up with WZR? Are you backing AVP? ;)

Capitol Army Close Up

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So you guys requested close ups on my Capitolian units. Here they are!
Mitch and a WIP Free Marine and the Light Infantry.
Airbourne Cavalry lead by Squad Commander Alex!
Martian Banshees
Henry Thomas, Big Bob, the Free Marines and the Purple Sharks are WIP
So hope you like them ;)

Convention Summary

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So got home this morning at 3am. Kids woke me up 6.30 how I've missed them! And I was only gone for three nights! My little girl is organizing at my nerd place now that I´ve gotten home with more stuff!

I bought a Henry Thomas modell which I have now heavily converted!!!
Notice how much work I´ve put in to change the Bolter and M50! LOL! Haha no, sorry Andrew I just though it looked better ;) No the heavy conversion was a joke :D

Anyway I think now I can relax and actually write something that makes sense!

Btw Alex how could you not find the convention without my help? It had a sign! ;)


The convention was actually opened up by the mayor! Wow that was awesome, he posed with a sword for the pics but got scissors to cut the "ribbon" or whats it called.

It was roughly around 80 people that actually came around, great turnout since they thought it would be around 50!


Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition RPG

Then after the convention had opened we got Chris to explain the RPG and answer some questions about the Kickstarter and about the rules etc. So he asked us if we wanted to testplay the new 2.0 system, and why would we say no?

So the system is really interesting with the GM:s Dark Symmetry pool (we played it in the middle of the table so all could reach) with which he can spawn and activate monsters, change the enviroment with blinking lights and stuff like that. He also said it would work better with a glasbowl and that they hoped to do a Dark Symmetry goblet during the KS so everyone hear each time a dice go in the pool, nice thinking Chris!

If you are trained in a skill you get to roll two D20s to try passing the test your given, with only one sucess on the dices you get a sucess and you complete the task and also the GM gets a Dark Symmetry die since you also fail with one die roll. If you fail both two rolls two dices go into the pool, however shoul the dice spot a 20 (A fumble) and extra die is thrown in the Symmetry pool. So if you fail both and one is a fumble three dices are thrown in the pool. 

Further more, when you try to do actually pull things off and the lights are flickering you are under fire or somethings like that, it gets harder to actually pull it off. So you could get a -3 dice modifier since its hard to hit anything with your gun. Then you could pay two Dark Symmetry dice to the pool to get a normal roll ( If I got it correctly).

Now I will take up the Chronicle Points, with which you can alter a roll in Character Creation or succed with a roll however impossible it seems. Chris´s example was: If you´re carrying your wounded friend on the shoulder, running and shooting at a horde of Undead Legionaires and have to jump over a chasm to escape. Pay a Chronicle Point and you did it! 

He said that possibly you will start with 5 Chronicle Points in Character Creation so you could spend all your points in the creation too get a better character but then you used up all your "luck"!

And lastly I will tell you about.... Spaceships! Yes they will finally be in a spaceships MC and you could be the owner of one! So the Characters will be able to spend points and experience in the ship and can develope skills that makes you better. Chris also stated that you could take a loan to upgrade the ship, but you never know who you owe money too!

Skills example: Pilot -> Space Pilot -> Mishima Dogfighter   Yea this was just an example ;)

Thank you Chris for the talk and the Game Session! Look forward to the Kickstarter that we will see once Achtung Cthulu KS has sent out the last orders!



So it was a Warzone day after all! Lots and lots of models and beutiful terrain! Talked and met up with Prodos and alot of people from the forum that I can finally put a face on! Thanks it was great meeting you guys! 

So whats to say that you already dont know... The Rules are fantastic! All I have to do is rid my mind of all 40k thinking, like moving the entire squad before shooting and things like that. The new units are awesome and the Mishima ones are the best both rulewise and in miniature ( Only spotted the artwork but still). 

These rules makes the battlefield feel more alive and every soldier have his chance to shine and for the player to develop his own tactics with every single one of his soldiers not just squads! You want to name them, give them personalities and most importantly you will mourn their deaths! As I said before its the best miniature game I´ve ever played, it has it all beautiful models, amazing rules and most important of all a great community! 

In the Seal of Repulsion campaign the Dark Legion came out to a strong start and got a 3 points lead before the Light landed to help the Corporations in the struggle. The Brotherhood then passed the Dark Legion an took the lead. But in the end of the campaign it was a tie until the last match which gave the Dark Legion their victory. The Corporation who got they blame for the loss with the worst win rating was Capitol! (Why are you guys pointing at me!) So now we have to see what the have in store for the campaign and storyline! Really looking forward to see it unfold!



So who here is excited for AVP? Now we got the KS announce date and I give you some pics!

So two days then its on! See you there!

Important Update from the Telford Warzone

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The Corporation Forces have encountered the first Dark Legion forces in the Telfors Warzones! The Dark Legion forces are pushing the Corporation forces back!
Now its time for step up to save humanity!

Q &A Prodos

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New books will arrive, Ilian and Imprrial might be two different books and the others might get new books aswell with new units.
Probably trenchers in the the Imperial starter, blood berets will arrive and hopefully the Young Guards (Since they are Mark´s favourite unit and mine as he stated!) and Hurricane Walker in a new look!
The Chronicles "magazine" will be a internet articles on the webside! With Rob who will be featuring painting guides and how to play armies (Hopefully not with Rob)
The heavies will be really detailed and will probably be seen in 3-4 weeks.
AVP it will be a boardgame, and the have had the licenses almost eaqually long. It will be awesome. It will be used to be promote the warzone Resurrection!
The missions and objections will be the focus of the game.
Dark Eden will come later. There are lots and lots of things that will come out before DE!
The Mecurian Maculator will hopefully come sooner than later to Alans great delight!
Reminder Prodos didnt excist in the beginning at the start of this year and look at all they have done!
Thank you Prodos, Questing Knight and Stags!

Convention Day!

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So here we are much people and models, So first off we had a session with Chris and his Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition RPG, really great system and beautiful game! 
Rob runs the shop!
Me and my English friends Alex and Paul!
Me and Mark 
Hamilkar in the mini
Me and Hamilkar (Fredrik) in person! Great guy, swedish power!
Me anf Chris from The Modiphius! (The guys who will bring us the RPG) 
The RPG session

2 vs 2 at Questing Knight

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So we arrived to Questing Knight for some demo games! Wasnt so small as I had imagine!

We thought we would face each other BUT! Questing Knight had other plans and pitted my Capitol and Henriks Mishima against Cybertronic and Dark Legion!
So right to the good stuff right? They won the deployment roll and gave it to us. So here´s my force without the Airbourne Rangers whos stil in the plane ( Rapid deployment).

So we dicided to hold one front each so i was pitted against the Legion and Mishima against Cybertronic. Henrik hid in the forest while I was more in the open for more flexibel movement!
So we did win the first Initiative roll and the Light Infantry was the first to get going.
My other unit to be activated was the Banshees i used the jumppacks to get ahead of the rest of the army to shot at some Undead legionaires!
I took out two of the Legionaires with two shots! Victory will be mine!!! ( Or so I thought...)
They UL  with their Necromutant commander were activated and after that( Henrik played between) there were his Razides and lets just say... This was what remained!
And in the meantime my Light Infatry see this coming in the streets!

A Scorpion! Truly a hideous sight! ( Unless hes on your side)
On the Dark Legion front Golgotha finally makes a move and are on her way!

With a steady shambling of Undead behind her!

They Cybers are taking their time and sending in its Scorpions first!

This is actually quite funny... This was the beginning of many good laughs today! The Ronin tried to hit the UL:s but Henrik is a MASTER! of rolling over 17... with like everything he did! Mishima Quality!
So my brave Infantry runs up the alley and now the Questing Knigths guys tells me I can shot grenades with my M50:s.. What?! Really! Lets do it then!

So we targeting the Undead Legionaires and kill 2 of them! Yay more Zombies destroyed!
So my Mitch was feeling alittle lonely on the left front with 2 Razides and Golgotha on her way, I dropped the Airbournes and unleashed a hail of missles at the Razides.. with little affect! 3 missed and only 1 wound!!!
So the next thing the DL player does is engage my poor old Airbournes! Picking of two right away!
Meanwhile Mitch hides out in the bushes and feels he´s beeing watched!

On the other front the Meka has taken a few hits but are still going strong and have taken out a Scorpion and are now looking to chop ut some circute sushi of the Chasseurs!
The other Scorpion gets to taste the Capitol Shotgun, and he doesnt like it!

And Mitch turns into a human hurricane and wipes out the Undead Legionares and Necromutant Leader, then he´s an easy target for the Razides who chopped up the poor Airbournes real good!

So now he´s down to his last wound! And are still in the open.. What are you doing Mitch!?
Then suddenly Golgotha uses her mirror and shows up and brings the pain with 6 attacks in the back of Mitch! (Ouch)

But it´s okey, she´s only ST 10. so no problems with saving that!
Back to the other front where Meka is chopping Chasseurs, no problems there!
Then back to Mitch again.... This could be alittle more troublesome!

I just say this. No he didnt make it! :(
So now I´m down to my last guy! One brave little Light Infantry!
So here he is! The Ronin squad makes a BANZAAAIIII!!!! And chops the Scorpion to bits!

Then they charged the Everassaur and gets down to only one after a Undead Legionare and Necromutant charge raising more Undead legionares.
My Light Infantry then panics and shoots a granade in the middle of it..... And to his great dissapointment only kills his Mishima friend! ;(
He then is charged by the Everassaur and are smashed to bloody paste...
Ha even though we lost this is one great game! Really fun and amazing rules, makes the battles feel more real and gives every model his own chance to shine! Im really impressed with the rules, minis and the joy of playing!
Thank you Questing Knight Games! This was really fun, both meeting you guys and play in your shop! Thanks for having us and will be seeing you guys tomorrow!

Almost out of time!

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Feels like Im almost out of time, I fly to England on Friday and Im so nervous! In a good way ;) The Bases arrived today and with a special model as well. Didnt mean too order him.. yet. Wanted him as a Hero for my Muawijhe army. Scarecrow from Arkham City. I havnt opened the package yet since I just came home from the cinema. But hw looks like one fine mini! ;)And here's something requested by Mr.Sanders aka Blue Shark. He wanted to see a picture of the brown I painted on my minis and the guns. I forgot the wash on the metal but I'll fix it in the morning. I love the brown on the guns, giving them an AK look. Again here I wanted some contrast from the camo to make it more interesting to look at. I think it looks great! ;)

The Book of Rapson

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"And so behold Mark son of Rapson did descend from the mountain, and in his hands he did hold a tome, and he showed the people the tome and the tome was good and the people they did listen to the word of Mark and the word was good, and the people rejoiced for they had been given Warzone. So sayith the Warzone scriptures."
-Questing Knight, 7:35 First edit of the Telford Warzone scriptures
Ah .. Just Wow! This book looks so good! Can´t wait too have it in my hands! I guess they will be within my reach this weekend and at the convention! 
Sunday can´t come soon enough! ;)


Corporation on Parade and Painting update

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Regarding display base sizes!16x24 is fine. It should read 8x12 UPTO 16x24 :) They are flexible with this ;) So all of you wondering its 8x12 UP TO 16x24 :)Hope that cleared your questionmarks :D

One use only!

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So these bad boys are almost ready! Went for the old school green bazooka! I wanted some contrast on them, dont want them looking too realistic its MC after all ;) Now its just a drybrush on the black and painting the lenses, the guns and ammobags/grenades in the belt.... And ofcourse bases! Ha almost ready... :D

Warzone - Update and whats to come!

Kategori: Brotherhood

So first of here´s the B-Hood squads we havnt seen!
The Mortificators!
The Sacred Warriors
The Inquisitors!
And here are the Convension Exclusive models The Archangel and the new "the former Bauhausian Cybertronic Mirrorman Pieter Diamond will be a web exclusive model hopefully available in either normal or clear resin. He will also be available at Conventions." He is the upgraded squad commander for the Mirrormen.
And even more here are some pictures of the book and cards! (The book are sample pages before printing)
And here it is, Prodos Timeline! Imperial is not far away now!! I can feel the Young Guards beeing rendered now!
 Other news stated by Prodos is that The Crucifier are being resculpt since he was to thin and had a static pose which didnt look good for the mean killing machine he is! The other thing being resculpt is the Valkyries weapons cause the were "too fine" and redesigned.
So here you go, things are busy at Prodos now! Be seeing you guys at the convention for more sweet WZR!

Convention Spotlight

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Corporations On Parade Event

Corporations on Parade is your chance to plan, collect, model and paint a WZR force, display it on a minimum sized display/terrain board measuring 8" x 12" (A4) up to 16" x 24" in size and show it off at the convention, everyone at the convention will have the chance to vote on which corporation on parade is best and an overall winner will be announced.

1. The corporation/faction force entered can be of any size from one squad up to and including multiple squads/vehicles/monsters.

2. Entries may include multiple corporations/factions in conflict on the display.

3. All figures/vehicles/monsters/terrain etc. entered on the displays must be fully painted and based.

4. Conversions entered must abide by the painting competition conversation rules.

This should be an interesting event to see what sort of things people can come up with to "Showcase" their chosen faction/corporation, we will be looking for creativity and theme on the day not just who has painted the best figures (that's for the painting competition) another chance for people to have fun and really experiment with hobby projects for WZR.
9 days to go. Cant wait!

Feeling a bit grey...

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So today its only one week left before I fly to England! Starting to feel lots of stress not being able to complete the WZR minis, I ordered bases for everyone just dont know when they will arrive. I also don´t know how to pack the minis for the flight... But hey it will work out! I´m really looking forward to this and to meet everyone in person!
And dont worry the minis will be ready for the convention!
I just feel grey today ;)