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Updated Starterboxes

Kategori: Brotherhood

So I just checked out the new beautiful shop and the new retail boxes for startersets when I came across these changes in the starterboxes of Dark Legion and Brotherhood.
Alakhai is out, and two Necromutant Leaders are in. 
Cardinal Dominic is on the bench, welcome the new Inquisitor Squad Commanders
Really good idea to start with the Squad Commander upgrades instead of a Warlord. The same is in the Imperial Starter where the Trencher Officers are in the box. As the Warlord are replaced the starters wont have the same amount of "Power" in them making them even better for newstarted players to get a go on each other with. 
With no Warlord in the box to eat up a huge amount of points of your starting force, the Squad Commander is a great addition to your force. For low points cost they bring is a good deal for the amount of fire power or boost to the unit the lead.
Exciting news anyway! Will we see this change in all starters soon? Whats your thoughts on this change?


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